What’s in my bag?


More specifically, what’s in my makeup/toiletry bag?

I stay overnight at my boyfriend’s house probably 3 times a week, so I live out of my bag (no point in taking everything out just to pack it all up again the next day). These are all the products I use to get ready for the day! 

Skincare first: I’m obsessed with this brand. Anything YesTo is awesome! I first got hooked on their face wipes when I began using the cucumber ones a few years back. Then I branched out to the blueberry ones and grapefruit is my current favorite and I’ve even tried the cotton ones. These wipes are specially formulated for your skin type and/or what kind of skin you want to achieve. The cucumber is soothing + calming, the blueberry is tilted towards aging (but I just really like the smell) and cleansing, the grapefruit is all about radiance- these wipes correct and repair skin, leaving your face feeling rejuvenated! I recently got into using their micellar water (paired with cotton pads) to take off my makeup at night after Marzia put a sample size version of it in her Floral subscription box for this spring. You’ll be seeing a few other products from that box in this post. It’s a great invention because there’s no need to rinse your face after using it, like many other makeup removers. After using this water, I don’t feel like I have to wash my face again and it gets everything off makeup-wise. 

My boyfriend also uses this brand. We went to Target to pick up some stuff for myself and he found their line of coconut products which are aimed towards moisturizing and re-hydrating skin. He uses the face wipes and lotion in his daily routine now and credits them (and me) for helping him to have better skin. Girlfriend win!

After cleansing the skin, my next step is to address acne/blemishes. Although I use the washes in the shower (before the YesTo wipes), I think the best time to use the spot treatment ^ is after fully cleaning my face. My favorite cleansers are from the brand Neutrogena and staying in theme, I love the pink grapefruit one! The green one I found recently at CVS (can’t seem to find it anywhere else) and I picked it up for my boyfriend to try because he struggles with redness sometimes. I really like it too though, it’s super soothing and smells great. The acne spot treatment is an off brand of the Clean & Clear version, but it has the same active ingredient. I find it works best if I dab a little bit on my trouble spots before bed, after I’ve washed my face. This gives it time to work overnight and I can wash off any residue the next morning. If I do use it in the morning, sometimes I notice a slight shine to those areas of my face later on in the day. I don’t get acne too bad *knock on wood* but when I do, this stuff really helps to clear it up. 

Treat your skin, treat yourself! My addiction is this Aveeno lotion (crossing my fingers it’ll give me beautiful skin my whole life like Jen Aniston). I use it daily as the name suggests and it works wonders. My skin feels hydrated all day and never oily, plus it doesn’t take a lot to cover my whole face- so it lasts a long time. I focus mostly under/around my eyes, through my eyebrows a bit, and around my nose and lips. 

The products on the right from top to bottom are as follows: soy face cleanser and rose face mask by the brand Fresh. They’re sample sizes as they were a free gift from SEPHORA on my birthday. I fell in love with this brand because it’s simple, it works, and it smells wonderful. I was very excited to see Marzia included a product in her spring Floral box by them that I hadn’t tried yet. It’s the second item on the right- rose deep hydration face cream. This I’ve been liking to use at night, after I take my makeup off with the micellar water. This one also only requires using a tiny amount as it’s very nourishing. The smell is so lovely before sleeping too! The last item isn’t by Fresh, but was from the subscription box- it’s a microdermabrasion scrub by the brand Derma-e and it also smells incredible. This is good to use once or twice a week as needed because you don’t want to damage your skin. It does make your face feel very soft and completely clean. I like to use this one in the shower so I know I’ve rinsed it all off and it feels extra spa-like with all the steam. 

On to hair! My hair is extremely thick and getting pretty long as I’m growing it out (at around 18 inches currently). I condition everyday with Suave and I shampoo two to three times a week with Selsun Blue. After my shower, I towel dry my hair but sometimes use an old tee shirt instead to keep the frizz at bay. I then brush it all out with a paddle brush, get the other tangles out with a wide-tooth comb, and finish by using a plastic pick to break up the last knots. I have to dry between each of those steps as my hair holds water way too well. After that, depending on what I’m going for that day- I’ll use one of six products. The three shown above are what I’ve been using most lately. Left to right they are the Pantene curl defining mousse (this one I’d say I use most often because it’s lightweight and holds my long waves best without being crunchy), Aussie hair insurance leave-in conditioner spray (this I use when I don’t want to necessarily style my hair but still keep it moisturized for the day), and Tresmme climate protection mousse (this is great to use when I know I’m walking into a windy or humid day as it really does work to protect my thick hair from getting really messed up in such conditions). 

The next three I use for special occasions or when I know I want to heat-style my hair. From left to right they are the argan oil smoothing cream by Marc Anthony (this I’ll comb through the bottom half of my hair with my fingers in the morning if I want to straighten my hair that night), platinum blow-dry spray by Kenra from the subscription box (even though I don’t blow-dry my hair, this is good to use after the smoothing cream if I don’t have as much time to air dry my hair during the day as it does somewhat make my hair dry a little quicker on its own and smells beautiful), and the Aussie three-minute miracle (this is supposed to be rinsed out after three minutes, but I’ve found it works as a really good leave-in conditioner if kept in the hair all day and holds a little style as well while hydrating and healing the hair).

Next up is makeup! I don’t wear any kind of face makeup, so my main focus is eyes and lips. These eyeliners and mascaras are the only ones I like to use. From top to bottom: Almay intense i-color in black amethyst is the twist up crayon eyeliner I like to line my upper, inner lash line with after I’ve curled my lashes and applied mascara. It fills in that light spot of skin at the inner lid and makes my brown eyes pop. Maybelline master precise felt tip black eyeliner is my go-to and really the only eyeliner I use (on top of my lids that is). I’ve tried many different ones in the past and this is by far the best. It’s easy to use and make my signature wings, it stays all day without melting or bleeding, and it doesn’t flake off like some other liquid liners. Maybelline colossal volum’ express cat eyes mascara in black is my favorite, although I’d be willing to try others and have liked some in the past. It doesn’t clump and separates my lashes just the way I like so it goes well with my everyday cat eye. The last one is new to me, it’s so lashy blast pro by Covergirl. I was given this as a gift and was intrigued to try it out. After curling my lashes and putting on a coat, it came out really bold! I like to use this one if I don’t put on any eyeliner because I don’t feel as bare-faced. 

I’m new to this lipstick thing, so I’m not a pro at it yet (even though my boyfriend thinks so- thanks babe) like I’d say I am with my eyeliner. But I’ve been really into trying different brands and shades lately. On the left is the pack of 4 mini chubby sticks by Clinique who partnered with Crayola to make these exciting colors! Across the front of the box they are Brick Red, Melon, Mauvelous, and Fuzzy Wuzzy. I love all of them and wasn’t even into classic red lipstick til I tried the first one here. My first chubby stick by them was in Broadest Berry (pictured in the middle to the right) and I fell in love with the texture and intense color. They’re kind of like a balm so they really hydrate your lips unlike some other lipsticks that can be quite drying. The product at the top right is my true obsession/addiction. Any baby lips (by Maybelline again) is a good Chapstick alternative for me. The perfect product to keep in your purse or pocket for whenever your lips need a refresh. I haven’t tried any of the tinted ones, but I’ve used the two clear ones from the original collection and also the Dr. Rescue “Too Cool” minty one- which is my fave. At the bottom right is a MAC lipstick in the shade Cyber. It was my first real lipstick that I got probably a year ago and I really love the darkness of it. I didn’t picture it above, but it’s a deep purple/plum color. It’s not as moisturizing as the chubby sticks, but it’s still a really great lipstick. 

* I’m also loving the two new lipsticks I got recently from Winky Lux + Marzia. It’s her Stella Marina lip kit that I mentioned in my Treat y0urself post. Check it out for more info!

Lastly, to wrap up this insanely long blog post- I have these two (or three?) bonus items that I’m in love with. The first is a body cream from Bath & Body Works in the scent A Thousand Wishes. It smells like pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber, and amaretto creme. I apply this liberally to my legs after I shave and it makes them feel extra silly smooth and pampered and smells so good! The second (and third?) item is a teeth whitening kit by Crest that’s not a tray or strips. You use the first toothpaste to deep clean and it feels like you’ve just gone to the dentist, which to me is a great feeling. The second paste is just a whitening gel that you brush on after and can spit out when your done, and I think it tastes kind of sweet. I really enjoy using this because I’ve seen results with it and it’s nice to not have to hold anything on your teeth for like 15 to 20 minutes. It’s boyfriend approved too! 

That’s everything in my makeup/toiletry bag. I hope this post wasn’t TOO long or boring, didn’t expect to have as much to talk about. Lemme know in the comments what you think and if you have any questions about these products. Also, feel free to post what’s in your makeup bag (:

7 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Awesome post!! For one, your bag is adorable, but everything you keep in it is fab. xx Those YesTo products look amazing! Are they only available online? I’d like to look into getting them. On another note, I have very thick hair, too, and it’s becoming harder to tame. 😔 I’m wanting to look into getting a natural ingredient based product to help with frizziness and volume, but I haven’t figured out what to get yet.

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    1. Thanks! No, they’re actually sold at Target and Walmart and recently at CVS too (: yeah- if I could find something better than what I have, it would be a miracle haha having thick hair is a struggle!

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