A day in N0rf0lk


This past Monday, my boyfriend and I traveled to Norfolk to go to the zoo there and a concert in the city that evening. 

The first section of the zoo was all Asian animals and exhibits. It was our first time here and we were in awe of how spread out everything was- a lot of room for each animal and very nice enclosures. Also, there were little plaques around the decor explaining the culture and history of it all. 

We had our crying faces on most of the day because of how nice and beautiful the zoo was. Even set up the camera for a few timer shots of us! 

The giraffes there were HUGE and the cows were from Europe. Not what we were used to seeing at the zoo closer to home, but it was awesome! Posed with the big tortoise, and even stepped into their “homo sapien” exhibit ourselves- it was just a big empty cage for photo ops. 

Overall it was a great way to spend the first half of our day in Norfolk and we definitely want to go back again when they have their Australia section open and the reptile house renovated! It was a lot of fun to see all the animals and the rest of the scenery there was just as amazing, we’ll have to take the train ride around the whole zoo next time too (: 

Next we traveled to the NorVa for our second concert experience there. Last year we saw Issues in April, this year it was Mayday Parade in May. Both incredible nights! Perfect venue too, we love this theatre- there’s always a lot of security and it’s no smoking allowed. 

Three bands performed that night. First up was a group from U.K. called Milestones that neither one of us had heard of, but they rocked! We got some signed merch and a picture with the lead vocalist Matt Clarke- what a cool couple of guys. We ended up standing by their table in the back most of the night cause we had a great view from there. Second on stage was the band Knuckle Puck who I’d heard of before but hadn’t really listened to- they killed it as well! Last of course was Mayday Parade and as they performed I realized I knew a lot more songs by them than I thought. We sang and danced along and it was an all around perfect night! 

We went to Denny’s after for a much needed midnight meal and didn’t get home til about 2:30 the next morning. What a blast! Can’t wait to see what artist we’ll see next- who’s your favorite band? Seen any concerts lately or going to one coming up?

Lemme know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “A day in N0rf0lk

  1. What a fun day!! I love exploring zoos – especially new ones. xx Haha the pictures of you two posing in the meerkat props cracked me up 😂 the sunlight in most of the pics really added a nice effect to all the photography! 💜

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    1. We had such a wonderful time! We’ve been working so much lately that the little time we get to relax together we haven’t been out and about a lot (also cause it’s hot as hell), but we still manage to have our fun. Glad you liked the pics so much- he makes me silly and I love it

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