Sick kick


I came down with Laryngitis about a week ago, and I’m just about over it now. Felt something bad coming on one night cause I don’t usually get sick, so I knew for sure the next morning that something was up. I powered through a long shift at work, but HAD to go to the doctor the next day. Found out that what I thought to be another bought of bacterial tonsillitis (had it about two years ago), was actually laryngitis (something I hadn’t had in about 5 or so years). They put me on some steroids to get my voice back and antibiotics to kill off the infection. I think the meds made me feel worse than the actual sickness, so I decided to paint my nails a happy, spring pink and try out my new lip gloss from Winky Lux to make myself up a bit and get out of the yucky rut of staying home and resting.

My lovely angel of a boyfriend came out to visit me and bring me some sick-day gifts. He got me a sunshine-yellow tumbler from his work (Teavana) and this ^ PLAY shirt by Comme Des Garçons. He’s really the sweetest thing and took such good care of me while I was feeling awful and couldn’t speak much. I used the voice from my phone to talk to him when I typed things. We still went out to see Alien: Covenant on our monthly anniversary and as a celebration of his 100th sale for his own business and us getting our apartment- and I’m glad we did! It was a fantastic “origin” story and we’re really excited for what Ridley will make next. 

Have you seen it? What do you think of the new films? What about the old ones? Any movies you’ve seen lately or ones coming up you’re excited for? Let me know in the comments!

BTW this was just an update post * more to come once I get all my pictures together!

3 thoughts on “Sick kick

  1. I’m sooo sorry you had Laryngitis, girl!! 💔 being sick is no fun at all. I almost felt like I had Laryngitis when I was sick a few weeks ago because my voice about disappeared and kept going in and out. It was so annoying. I’m not a fan of having a raspy voice lol!

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    1. It’s happened so many times so close together over the past year that I was tempted to have my tonsils removed cause I know they’ll be the death of me sooner or later /: and yeah, not being able to speak was really hard!

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