May fav0rites


Since it’s almost the end of the month, I thought I’d try doing a current favorites for May. I’m still not sure if I’ll be making these every month, but here goes: 

*the cutest cushion ever in the background is a cactus one my boyfriend found on Etsy for our new apartment- we move in the middle of next month! 

First on the list is skincare and I have to say these two products I pretty much use every night. The YesTo cucumbers micellar water was something I first tried in the travel size that came in Marzia’s floral box, and I fell in love. I had never used a micellar water to remove my makeup or wash my face with before- I had been using YesTo face wipes in a variety of their collections and I still do (in the mornings). This one I use with simple cotton pads ^ got that pack of 100 at Target for two or three dollars. It removes ALL my eye makeup and is just so nice to use to clean my entire face off. I then apply my acne spot treatment to whatever little places it needs to go. Next up, this heavenly cream from the brand Fresh which I had used before as I received a free gift on my birthday from Sephora of their rose face mask and soy face cleanser. Both products smell incredible and feel even better on the skin. This deep hydration cream I also used first from the subscription box and recently got the big tub of it as I ran out of the mini one quickly. It was $40 and I’m sure it’ll last a long time cause even though I apply it pretty much nightly, I don’t need that much as it’s a really rich formula. I apply it under my eyes mostly, on top of the lids and around my brows, then under my nose and smear the rest of my face with the remainder and rub a bit on my neck as well. It feels so smooth and is such a relaxing smell to go to bed with. Waking up in the morning, my face isn’t oily or crusty! It just feels silky and healthy (: 

I thought I’d share some food and drinks I’ve been loving this past month. I’ve been gluten-free since March of this year cause I had been having some undiagnosable problems and found that a lot of my symptoms matched with a gluten sensisitivity. I haven’t felt bad since, except when I experimented with it and had a soft pretzel at the movies- I felt horrible that night. So my boyfriend and I have been searching places out and stores for gluten-free foods we like and stuff that isn’t crazy expensive. Target actually has one of the best sections we’ve seen in any grocery store, Food lion coming in second. We found the baked goods and stood there for a good five minutes trying to decide which mix to make! Ended up getting two boxes of the blueberry muffins cause they had a deal going, and they turned out beautifully. There wasn’t too much of a taste or texture difference at all- made with millet flour instead of wheat. The drink portion of this is also a shoutout to my lovely boyfriend. He works at a tea store called Teavana and he’s really knowledgeable on all the products they sell. The tea I’ve been drinking most this past month has been Jasmine Silver needle. It’s a “normal” tea I would say, as it’s very light and what I would think they’d serve at a nice restaurant if you just ordered hot tea. It’s so delicious to me though! I don’t like very sweet teas, although some of mine I like very strong. This one you can make strong and it’s still a watery tasting tea and that’s awesome in and of itself. It’s so good for you too cause it’s a white tea (: 

These next few are a bit random, but my favorites- obviously. The first I want to mention are the adorable corduroy creatures in the bottom left there ^ my boyfriend got these for our apartment as well, but also cause we’ve been eyeing them on Donna Wilson’s website forever. The caribou we named China cause it looks super similar to his brown min-pin China. The frog is Fug cause that means frog. Next I wanted to quickly mention the game I’ve been watching him play, it’s Metal Gear solid V: the Phantom Pain. This whole series is his favorite and he knows like the ENTIRE story and it’s crazy how much knowledge he has on it, but I love to watch him play and I’ve even tried it a few times- but I don’t think I’m ready to start myself yet. Last one in the collage is Marzia’s book Dreamhouse. We read this aloud chapter by chapter with each other about a month ago and we loved it! It’s such a creepy story, but so amazingly well written for a first-time author that we’re really excited for her to write something else. It was fun to read it that way too cause we had both never tried that before and it made it such a bonding and intimate experience. I loved being able to kind of debate/hypothesize what we thought would happen. Highly recommend (: 

Music selection this month is Milestones. They’re a U.K. band, but we saw them in concert before Knuckle Puck and Mayday Parade a few weeks ago. They were fantastic live and after listening to the CD and being able to hear the vocals a bit clearer- I really enjoy their whole album. We got the chance to meet the band members, grab some merch + a signed tee shirt, and even a selfie with the lead singer. 

* also in entertainment, I don’t have pics for these but the movie Alien: Covenant was my favorite this month as we saw it in IMAX and it was wicked cool. My favorite show right now is Gotham which is almost done with the season now, but if you like the Batman universe or even if you don’t- it’s a wild show. 

Last thing! I mentioned Target earlier in this post and I have to say they’re my favorite store right now for like anything. I got some clothes there too cause their clearance racks were overflowing! My next post will be a haul sort of thing of those items and a special announcement with it, so stay tuned (: 

Lemme know your favorites? Should I do these monthly? Any questions? Share with me in the comments and thanks again for following!

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