Target haul + ann0uncement 


Recently I picked up some clothes at Target. I saw their clearance section was HUGE, so I went straight for my size and starting picking out a bunch of stuff. After going into the dressing room with well over 6 items, this is what I ended up getting: 

First is this gorgeous dress that I took so many pics in cause it’s just so pretty and I didn’t wanna change into anything else. I had my hair up to get snaps of just the clothing, but with my dark brown (almost black) hair down and flowing over my shoulders in this dress- I just fell in love! This would look lovely with my nude pumps or my white sandals or the brown ones I have and even with boots and a jacket into the fall months. I’m excited to wear it out and about when we’re all moved in to our new city (:

Next are these adorable pants, that are probably considered “cropped” to anyone of height above 5 feet. Being only an inch over 5 feet, they fit perfectly on me. I got pants somewhat similar to these in color scheme and shape a little while back from Target, but they unfortunately lost their comfortability after one go through the washer and dryer- meaning, they shrunk just enough to where I wasn’t as happy with them anymore. Luckily they’re still wearable, but these I won’t make the same mistake with! They fit high on my waist, have a zipper at the side, and stop right at my ankles. I think they pair best with a solid white or yellow top ^ this one is just an older tee I had in my closet. 

This whole outfit just screams SUMMER to me (: I love shorts that are thin and have a lazy fit if worn at the hips, but look a little more done-up when worn higher at the waist. These are so comfy and cute with pockets and elastic band. The shirt was $3 so I thought why not? A classic black graphic tee should be a staple in any closet. 

The shirt here ^ is an old one I just threw on with the new shorts as something to match it with. The shorts again being versatile- huge bonus for me. I love any clothing item that can be worn multiple ways as it makes outfits so variant and gives an abundance of options when you think you’ve got “nothing to wear.” They’re simple knit track shorts in a mustard yellow which is so weird and wonderful that I couldn’t resist. 

The last item I have a picture of is this easy solid tank (the shorts are old). It’s basic, but needed for the summer cause it can get CRAZY hot here and I don’t deal with it well- ask my boyfriend. I also got a beautiful black bathing suit top that I didn’t get a picture of cause I couldn’t find my old bottoms and it just looked weird in a pic on its own, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in beach/pool shots coming up this summer. 


I’ve finally launched my Depop shop! It’s under the same name @kittyp0p just like here and my Instagram (also if you wanna follow me on there, feel free to send a request). Be forewarned everything on there is from my closet cleanse- this means nothing is even close to new and most of the items are size XS or small. I went through all my clothes and set aside things I didn’t fit into or didn’t want anymore, but there were certain things I deemed non-wearable (didn’t put anything on my shop from that pile). Everything listed is what I considered to be in good enough condition to be worn again and given a second life. I’m sure I’ll be adding to it in the future if you don’t see anything you like at first glance, slap on a follow and wait for the right item! Everything is $5 and if you really like something, but pricing is an issue- please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll try my best to work something out with you (: thank you again for all your support 

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