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So you might’ve noticed I show off my shoes quite a bit in my posts. Reason being- I love them to death. They’re such high quality for the money I spent. I would’ve never got into having so many different pairs if I didn’t find this site: www.godseysupply.us 

It’s a US-based, online business that resells unauthorized authentic sneakers from a network of suppliers. These are all new items, not used! The prices are below retail always and you can usually find coupons/deals on their Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter accounts under the company name. 

I’m hoping to get the word out even further on these shoes because I truly believe in paying less for more. They’re 1:1 with the retail pairs as far as me and my boyfriend can tell and the comfortability (biggest selling point for me besides the cute colorways) is phenomenal! My first purchase was a pair of Adidas Yeezy V1 350s in Turtle Dove. That was over a year ago, so I’ve beat them to hell wearing them everyday to work because they were the first shoes I could wear for my 8 to 10-hour shifts without making my feet hurt. I’ve of course bought more to fill their place, here’s the ones I purchased since then: 

First and foremost, the pink version of my turtle doves ^ these are super comfortable as well and the custom color is adorable! I get so many comments on these whenever I wear them to work or out and about with Justin. They’re a very girly addition to my growing shoe collection… 

Secondly, the moonrock colorway of the V1s ^ these ones I put in-soles in and they felt even better on my feet at work. This pair is my go-to for work nowadays cause they’re a subtle shade to wear with my navy blue scrubs and they don’t show dirt at all! It’s nice to have a variety of styles (: 

Saving the best for last are these beautiful Adidas Vapor Pink NMDs! These have to be the MOST comfortable and the dopest looking ones I own. I think I’m going to try to get the NMD R1 W in pink next cause I’m starting to have an obsession with pink shoes, if you couldn’t tell. These ones were cheaper than the Yeezy’s, but in my opinion a better shoe. Granted I haven’t purchased a pair of V2s yet, but am looking forward to the release of the Yellow and “Tiffany Blue” colorways coming later this year. 

The Yeezy V2s are of course a new and improved style with better cushion and a better inside of the heel tab so it won’t cut into your heel as much. That’s what I’m looking forward to because in the summer I don’t want to have to wear high socks in order to protect my heels/ankles from getting rubbed til irritation. My boyfriend has a few pairs of these and they feel really nice, but they’re too big for me- duh 

I hope you enjoyed this sort-of review on the sneakers I own. Please feel free to check out Godsey Supply on their official website www.godseysupply.us and their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information. Stay tuned with them for daily posts and updates, including giveaways! 

* use coupon code “kittyp0p” to receive 10% off your first purchase! 

Leave me a comment if you decide to grab something from them and let me know what you got (:

16 thoughts on “G0dsey supply

    1. Thanks! Check out their site if you get a chance? They just released a new “Mystery box” that’s pretty awesome + the raffle for their current giveaway is only $2 per ticket (:


  1. Oh the Adidas pair is SO cute and unique!! I love them πŸ˜πŸ’• I’m totally checking out that website now! Thanks for spreading the word! (also do you know if the coupon code is still valid? xx)

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