Teeth 0ut


This past Thursday I had a consultation at the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth removal. My loving boyfriend came along with me as the greatest support system a girl could ask for. They took x-rays, and I was relieved to hear them confirm I only had two teeth that needed extraction and that they were on the bottom (apparently less evasive surgery and better healing afterwards). They prepped me with all the information and medications I’d need for the surgery and aftercare. I was also glad to hear I could have them taken out the next morning! 

Babe giving my face extra kisses in advance for all the pain I’d be in the next day ^ such a sweetheart (:

He took me out for sushi after the appointment in celebration that this would all be over soon and they didn’t find anymore teeth to pull! We indulged in the all-you-can-eat glory of Sushi King, me knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to eat anything like this for a few days or up to a week after surgery. 

The next morning at 8AM I had fasted and was super hungry, but it was time for surgery! They set me in the chair and checked all my vitals- the surgeon commented on how low my heart rate was compared to other patients he’d had. He was very knowledgeable and experienced, which put me at ease. They got my oxygen going and the IV went in flawlessly (they usually have to fight to get the needle in my thin veins). Justin was the last thing I saw before going under for them to remove my teeth, so I knew I’d be okay. He was the first thing I saw when waking up too…

Not my finest hour, but I managed to come out of the anesthesia pretty well- just don’t remember anything from the procedure chair to the car. In the picture you can’t really tell how much my face was swollen, but it got worse over the next few days as the inside was healing.

He got to drink his smoothie with a straw while I ate mine out of a bowl with a spoon! My mouth/chin was super numb for almost the entire day, so eating and drinking proved a challenge not to spill anything on myself. Luckily, I had my best friend by my side taking care of me. He was really the most incredible “nurse” for me this whole weekend and I can’t show my appreciation enough (: 

We got outside the same day, surprisingly. I was taking my meds correctly, so I felt well enough to go for a walk in the neighborhood- that’s how much I could smile btw ^ 

We walked the doggo up to the front playground and caught some Pokémon on the way. It was a beautiful clear day, great for soaking up the sun (:

Next morning the pain was pretty bad, but I managed to get down some coffee and eggs for breakfast made by my gorgeous caretaker ^ we then relaxed a bit more before getting ready for the day and heading out…

I wore my new dress and Winky Lux lip gloss to make myself feel better about how swollen my face looked and how I couldn’t even smile right. It might not look too bad to someone who hasn’t seen me before, but to me- I don’t even look like myself!

We stopped by an event at our local Petsmart and came across these two ADORABLE frenchies (: made my day cause they were jumping and licking all over me and my boyfriend. So cute…

Babe snapped some pics of me with my fave cars at the antique show downtown as we walked around checking it all out. We went into a few shops and put some more kilometers towards our Pokémon eggs. 

It was such a fun day! My man showing off his big bright smile ^ when I tried to smile it looked like I was sneering or disgusted cause my mouth felt so sore and tight. 

First day vs third day ^ we didn’t have anymore eggs, so my man made gluten-free blueberry muffins with lemon icing and strawberries for me for breakfast in bed. I was still in a lot of pain today and I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow, but I’ve gotta power through! 

My last day is next Sunday and then we’ll be moving later that week (: more exciting things to come- stay tuned

17 thoughts on “Teeth 0ut

  1. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and I love the pink car!! Girl, I have 4 wisdom teeth that I need to pull out. And you have no idea what pain is until you get anesthesia on the roof of your mouth. Oh yeah, full needle going there. You were very lucky indeed 🙂

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    1. Thank you (: it’s so comfy too cause it’s really flowy- which I adore! That doesn’t sound fun at all, I’m so sorry. IV is much easier for me even with the thin veins (they had to give me mouth shots when I was younger and had my canines pulled)… yikes


  2. Justin is such a sweetheart! I’m glad you had him by your side to care for you while you healed. xx I’ll probably need to get all four of mine out, not the bottom two like you did, but who knows. Hopefully that will all go over well ☺️

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