Summer plans + h0pes/g0als


Today I’d just like to outline for you all (and myself) my plans for this summer. I’m also including a few goals and hopes as well cause we can’t plan everything! 

First thing on the list of PLANS isn’t the most important, but the one that’s coming up first. I’m getting a new phone! I ordered the iPhone 7 with 256gb storage in rose gold last week and it arrived at my boyfriend’s house a few days ago. Since his name is on the plan with his address, it wouldn’t let us ship it to my house. With our work weeks being so heavily scheduled, I won’t get it til tomorrow when I see him- but I couldn’t wait til then to post, so I dumped some of my 19,000+ pictures into my laptop and took a few more for this. I also ordered a custom Lifeproof case ^ that’s black like my usual, but with a pink fur pattern on the back to make it unique and super cute! I’m really excited to finally have space on my phone again and to test out the new camera. I guess my blog photos will be getting an upgrade by my next post (: 

Next on the “plan list” is the most important and most exciting! Moving out of my parents’ house/childhood home and into my very first apartment with my wonderful boyfriend next week. I’ve packed all my fall and winter clothes into three big bins ^ but I honestly haven’t packed much else cause I’ve been so busy with work lately (today is my first short closing shift, so I have some down time before I go in). This is a huge step for both of us and we couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned for LOADS of pictures and I’m sure a ton more info on that as the month progresses. 

We’ve been planning to go on vacation with my boyfriend’s family since last year when we ended up going on day trips all over the place instead of their usual mostly-annual trip to a beach resort in NC. I talked to my manager at the job I’ll be transferring to next week about this and she said it was totally fine because I let her know in advance! That was such a relief to hear because I had been worried I wouldn’t be able to attend with them due to the transfer being so close to vacation dates. It’ll be a whole week in July and there will be pictures galore as I’ll be using my new phone and have all the space I could ever need (too hype)! Looking forward to this because we’re taking their mobile home down and camping out at the beach all week, which I’ve never done before. 

Always looking forward to days off…this one I was going to list under “goals” but decided I was putting my foot down. I PLAN on finishing both of the books I started a while ago by the end of August! I’m gonna do it lol the one by Lily Collins is much more laid back and easier to read, while the Oscar Wilde novel is harder vocabulary as the writing is older. I know the story of Dorian Gray, but I’ve never read the book so I really want to get through the entire thing. What are you guys reading currently? Any suggestions?

Last plan for the summer is to add more clothes to my Depop shop. I’ve already added 18 items in the past two days, so I can halfway check this off the list already. If you haven’t yet, please feel free to give me a follow there and take a look at what I’ve listed! Everything is $5 and I can do bundles if you’re wanting multiple pieces. 

Onto my summer GOALS! First and foremost is to have a better sleep schedule. I want to strive to be in bed by 11pm and out of bed by 9am on weekdays. I would love to be in bed by 12am and out of bed by 10am on weekends strictly. These are of course when my work schedule allows- I’d have to accomadate a bit depending on my shifts. I just feel like I would sleep better and feel better during the day if I wasn’t so wishywashy with when I go to bed and get up. Hopefully I can get into this and stick to it throughout the summer (: 

Another routine goal is to set up some sort of stretching and/or yoga set to do daily. I already try to do this as much as I can or when I remember to, but I’m hoping I can be more strict with myself about it so I can feel better every day and eventually become more flexible (still can’t touch my toes). Unfortunately, I have hypo-extended or under-extended knees where my legs don’t straighten all the way but almost. So I’m hoping to be able to strengthen the muscles behind my knees to get closer to normal by the end of August. Do you have a favorite yoga move or type of stretch that makes you feel great and ready to conquer the day? Let me know in the comments!

This goal is really just a dream of mine as I’m not sure how possible it’s going to be. I would love to go to the beach more this summer (multiple times). I’m not a huge fan of the closest beach to us, but I still want to get out there a few times because it’s SUMMER! With moving and living on our own and most likely working a lot more than we did last year at this time, I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to travel. Praying we prosper and have the opportunity to go out a couple times to see the ocean (: 

I want to paint my nails every week. I know this might sound like a lot to some people, but I work with my hands and my nail color usually only lasts that long before it starts chipping and looking horrid. So, I want to wear a different color on them every week if I have the time to do it. This isn’t something I’m going to be strict with myself on, but I definitely want to take my polish off as soon as it’s looking bad cause I can’t stand having ugly nails. What’re some of your favorite nail colors for summer? There’s a lot of weeks to come, so I’m open to any suggestions!

Last goal for the summer is going to be a tough one but a fun one (: I want to use this lovely notebook my boyfriend got for me EVERY DAY. I love drawing and haven’t done much of it in a long time, so it would make me happy to be able to draw something new each day of the summer. I’m really hoping with all my other routines and schedules and whatnot that I’ll be able to make time for this. I don’t think I’ll set a time to do it as it’s not the most important thing I’ll be doing, but I peeked inside and I’m liking a lot of the prompts already… 

These are just a couple hopes I have for the summer, nothing fancy. I would really like to try to put together a recipe book/album using the clippings from boxes and mixes we’ve bought over time (like when you buy pancake mix and it has a recipe for something ELSE you can use the mix to make). This way we’ll already know the product and just have to pick up a few extra things to make it new and different! Has anyone ever made something like this? Can I get some tips on how you did it?

Finally, I’m hoping (and have been for a while) to move onward and upward in my career as a pharmacy technician. I’ve been certified for almost a year and I’m looking forward to renewing my license this fall. Although I have a job secured with the same company I’ve been working for for over a year now, I’ll still be applying to other pharmacies to see what they offer and which opportunities interest me. This is something I’m passionate about and I’m excited to see what the future holds! 

So that’s the full list in its three parts (: stay locked on to my blog for updates on everything. I’m always open to comments and questions- what’re you planning this summer?

24 thoughts on “Summer plans + h0pes/g0als

  1. This is a really great post. (Thanks for following me btw!) I love how you have so many goals for the summer both serious and fun. It’ll really help you to stay on track. You’ve got me thinking that I’d like to try something like this as well for the summer. I have a lot in my head but not written down so clearly for all areas of my life.

    Moving into your own place is going to be such an awesome experience. I remember shopping for dishes and towels, etc. I love home decorating so it was so much fun. Remember that you don’t have to fill every inch right away. Take your time! I love the drawing prompts. My goal is to write every day. And just a random statement: I love that you have an old school alarm clock instead of just using your phone. I just picked one up from the thrift store for a couple bucks. Can’t wait to start using it. Why is it that you have one? Just wondering 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment (: I actually tried using my phone for an alarm, but after one experience with it not working and getting woken up by a phone call from working asking where I was…never again haha the digital one I have is great and ALWAYS works! Hope yours is just as good. Yeah, I have a lot of furniture already so we’re saving money there and will probably end up spending it on the decor (already bought some art from a UK artist on Depop that I’m super excited to get in the mail maybe this week or the next). Glad you enjoyed xoxo

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      1. I’ve had a few situations where my battery died because I didn’t realize it wasn’t charging, or it was on power saver, or some other calamity, and I was left going crazy trying to get to work at a decent time.

        Just like you, one of my goals this summer is to develop a regular bedtime, or at least an estimation 🙂 Gotta start somewhere. I keep hearing how important sleep is. maybe it’s starting to sink in!

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      2. Yeah, totally! I think I’m gonna write down (on paper like a calendar/planner or in my notes on my phone) my schedules for everything so it helps me stay on track 👍🏼

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  2. OMG, I absolutely love this type of post and have so much to comment on. First of all, I’m so jealous. I want your phone and your cover. It’s definitely something I would pick, both the rose gold and the pink cover. They’re way too expensive here. My friend has one and the camera quality is just perfect. Congratulations on moving out! I moved out exactly 2 and a half years ago to live with my boyfriend and it has been the best experience. It’s hard at first but it becomes second nature to live together and talk about laundry haha It’s so much fun. Get ready for how many house related things you’re going to accumulate in a short amount of time lol we have a full house already. Let me tell you that you have a beautiful body and looking amazing wearing a bikini (is it weird to say that? I love to compliment other women). That picture of you and your man looks amazing (trying to mimic dirty dancing?). I don’t have a favorite yoga move but have a favorite YouTube yoga video. I didn’t know you were a pharmacy technician, it’s so great to get to know you better. Sorry for the long comment, it’s just a great post 🙂 ❤

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    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you for this awesome comment (: I’m not too sure if I’ll like the phone case, so if you have a 7 I could maybe send it to you when I decide? That’s so great that you’re loving it. I know that we will too (we’ve been staying at each other’s houses for about a year already). It’s gonna be wonderful having our own space. I appreciate the compliment too- you’re too kind! Send me the link to the yoga video? I’d love to check it out. Never apologize for stuff like this, it’s fantastic xoxo

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  3. Those are some great goals. I always try to do the ‘paint my nails more’ one and it never works for me because they always chip so bad at work!! I hope you’ll have some better luck. Best of luck with moving as well. It can definitely be stressful. I’m the worst at packing but it looks like you have a good head start!

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    1. Thank you so much (: haha I hope I can keep up with it too! I already have my schedule for work for the next few weeks and it’s got some pretty hefty shifts, so I’ll see how it goes. Moving has been a bit stressful already, and we aren’t even out yet lol but I know we can power through and get it all done. My boyfriend is such a great support system (probably said that a million times), plus all the support from everyone on here has made me feel really good xoxo


  4. I love the beginning of summer and making a list of goals. It helps keep me in track and motivated. How exciting to be moving out on own and in with your boyfriend. One of my summer goals is to start and be consistent with my blog. I’m only 3 weeks in and have enjoyed the creative process. I hope to keep it up and get to know others in this community! Good luck with your goals!!

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    1. Thank you very much (: I’ll have to do a follow-up to this to show what I’ve kept up with/achieved and what I’m still working on. I just finished a mini-series and know FOR SURE now that I could never have a blogging schedule lol it wouldn’t work for me, but I agree that being consistent is the best way to go! The longest I went was over a week without posting and it was difficult to get back in the groove of things. Good luck to you with your blog and thanks again for stopping by and the lovely comment xoxo

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  5. I love writing and reading month goal posts like this!! ❤ ahh an iPhone 7! That's awesome(: I wish I had that many GB of storage, lol!! and the case you chose – love it, girl!! 😍💖

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    1. Thanks! I might do a follow-up post to go with this at the end of summer, not sure yet. Do you have an iPhone 7? Cause if you like the case, I’ll sell it to ya! I found another one that I enjoy a lot more haha

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      1. You’re welcome! Ooh please do, I’d enjoy that(: ah, alas I do not. I have an iPhone 5 for now! But it keeps having problems 🙄 so I might get an upgrade soon lol. Thanks anyway!

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