Settling in


I know I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus recently in regards to posting, but we’ve been BUSY as all get out. Moving takes a lot of work and working while moving makes it even more hectic. This weekend I’m off, so the unpacking has begun and everything is slowly settling in to its new home just like we are (: 

The move included a few bumps in the road as most things do, but I’m super proud of my boyfriend (and myself) for not completely losing our minds during it. Again, he was my rock and helped out SO MUCH that I can’t even begin to thank him. I’m so lucky to be living with the man of my dreams! 

We had to work basically non-stop all week, but we still made some time to cook real meals and eat together (: he cooked chicken for us the first night- that’s hummus on my plate btw, not peanut butter. Don’t mind the incredible mess in the background. I made us eggs with spinach in the morning + fresh watermelon and grapes. Bonus pic of babe rubbing my feet after my 10-hour shift ^ what a sweetheart! 

Above is my first formal selfie in the apartment in front of our bedroom window, OUR first selfie in our new home, and some TO DIE FOR pics of my handsome man at Patient First with me the other night when I was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis (which I’m over now, thankfully). 

The other night we decided to treat ourselves and check out the Chinese food around our new city. We came across Peking and we already want to go back! We got take-out and it was delicious, but just a peek *lol* inside the restaurant made us second-time customers already cause it has a beautiful dining area too. Still eating leftovers btw, it was so much yummy food for a great price. I got Singapore rice noodles and since I don’t like pork, the lady who helped us said they’d replace it with extra chicken- so nice. Babe got lo mein and I think he ate it all that night! 

We’ve seen a couple of outside kitties since moving in, but this one was waiting on our step for me when I got home from work yesterday. Adorable! 

I’m still working on cleaning up the place and taking pictures of everything once it’s organized, so expect an official MOVED IN post sometime soon (: hope you enjoyed this little update into how things are going so far. What’re you guys up to lately? 

31 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Y’all are freaking adorable. It’s so great to see you working together and making this life change happen with so many smiles. I feel the love through my computer screen! Enjoy the process of setting up house; it’s such a cool opportunity.

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the support and sweet comments (: I’m using this weekend away from work very well and it’ll all be shown off soon with a new post. We’re insanely happy and I’m so lucky to have such a lovely partner to experience this with ❤️

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  2. It has been 7 years since I last had to move, but I remember how hectic it was (packing and unpacking and the change that comes with it). I actually became physically sick from the stress of it. It can be a great opportunity to start over somewhere else though and turn it into a home. Those meals looks really yummy too!

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    1. I definitely think the illness was stress-induced, but I’m glad to be over it now (: things have calmed down and we’re getting into our groove of working and living together and we’re loving it!


  3. You’re so lucky to have the chance to live with your favorite person! Wish I could have the same, but we live in a conservative country and such things are unacceptable before marriage.

    You look like you’re having so much fun together. Congrats on the move!

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  4. Moving takes SO long!! It’s tiring and all time consuming, yet it all feels worth it in the end! ❤ my family and I moved back in summer '15 and myyyy goodness! No idea how much stuff we had until then 😂

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