0ur new h0me


It’s finally here! The post I’ve been working towards for so long, all about us moving into our first apartment together. We’ve spent our first week here working, unpacking, and cleaning/organizing as much as we could. We’re loving it so far as you might’ve seen in my previous post (: 

Above are some photos I took early on in my “making house” because we had unpacked the bathroom and kitchen first as they’re obviously the most important to have everything set up. I have my side of the sink with all of my bath products- it’s so nice not to have them stuffed in a bag carrying them to and from my boyfriend’s house all the time! I’m loving having a set place for my things (: we put a few blankets and pillows on our couch as the maintence team is working to replace the screen on our front window so we can’t put anything in that seat yet (which I’m anxious awaiting because it’s such a cute space and I wanna decorate it). Our mantle will get a makeover eventually, once we decide what we want on it. For now there’s just a few sweet little things we didn’t have another spot for. China (the stuffed caribou) will be a permanent fixture there though. Bonus: how many giraffes can you find in this post?

Next up is of course our adorable TINY kitchen! I brought a string of lights that my boyfriend hung up under the cabinets/above the bar and they really make it cozier at night when we’re making tea or even sitting in the living room. We managed to snag a microwave and coffee maker thanks to my boyfriend’s generous parents. We decided to keep the former on the bar in order to maximize counter space in the kitchen- it looks a little weird cause the back is facing out, but it’s the best option! Fortunately our cabinets are full (cause we went on two shopping trips already), so some stuff we had to find alternative places for. The fridge is covered in magnets which makes me happy and I picked up some fake succulents to add to the stove for decoration. Due to the size of the room, it’s a bit difficult to get great pictures. But it’s worked out fine with us cooking and moving around each other. 

Onto my first real project that I got to spend this weekend working on cause I had the time off! Saturday was my living room day as I figured it’d be easier (which ended up being true). My goal was to just clear it out completely of my stuff or at least find a spot for whatever would be staying. I managed to get all our movies organized on the top shelf and all my books on the bottom one. Babe put all his games and consoles on the entertainment center along with one of my many giraffes. Sunday began the bedroom bonanza! I started off with the easiest but largest task- organizing my clothes. I situated everything that was hanging to how I wanted it and then unpacked the other bags of clothes I’d brought and put them away in my dresser and plastic drawers. I then added the drawers at the bottom of the closet and put my shoes on the other side. Sneak peek of my desk and our lovely yellow bedding! 

Ta-da! My grand achievement of the whole weekend was getting my desk area and bedside stuff all set. I still have way too much crap, but I’m proud of myself for throwing away a lot of stuff I don’t need or use anymore. All that’s left is the items I use to get ready in the morning and the little trinkets to decorate my workspace. I got a stool that isn’t the right height, but it’s still a sweet piece. I love having my pictures in frames set up on the surfaces around our bedroom. I have quite a few random bits on my dresser and nightstand, but my desk is the true masterpiece (: I can’t wait to spend mornings getting ready there and days/evenings using it as a place to relax and work on my blog. To have this clear area really clears my mind and pushes me to keep neat cause I love how it came out! 

Laundry day finally arrived and I decided to use the time to paint my nails while we waited for our 3 loads to finish. I picked up this color the other day after work and I knew I’d love it! It’s a dusty rose shade and it’s the perfect subtle pink I’d been looking for (: 

We celebrated our first official week living together with a dinner date at our favorite Sushi King *look how handsome he is OMG* the food was delicious as always and a great way to unwind and relax after our hectic work weeks. We’re still loving it (: 

I hope you guys enjoyed checking out our new home- please feel free to ask any questions and let me know what you think! 

31 thoughts on “0ur new h0me

  1. Congratulations 💘. I absolutely cannot wait to move in with my partner but that will be like 4 years from now🙈. You guys look so happy together and great idea on bringing along that string of lights, I love them ✨

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  2. Congrats on getting everything together! You’re already looking quite cozy seated by that bright window. And I love your tea pot, and you seem to get a lot of light. That’s always one of my favorite things about a home. It’s everything you guys need right there and each other.

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    1. Thank you (: it’s really been the perfect place for us so far and I know it’ll be even better once we are completed settled. I love all the natural light we get too! We actually have like three or four tea pots (cause he manages a tea shop), but that one pictured was a gift I got for him from another store I used to work at haha

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  3. Congrats! It looks like everything is coming together nicely. I’ve never lived with anyone but my parents (even though I’m turning 29 this year). I would love a place to call my own instead of just my bedroom. Especially decorating because that would be the funnest part.

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