Vacation mini-series: day 1


I wasn’t sure if I’d be posting during this week while I’m out of state, but I’ve been taking way too many pictures to wait til I’m home again- which I’m not complaining about at all! These of course won’t be on the numbered day, but separated by that criteria… 

Friday night, after Justin got off work and we did a quick pack- we left our new home at about 11 o’clock. We arrived in SC around 6AM Saturday morning and went straight to bed for 3 or so hours. 

We went out in our pajamas to grab a few things from the campground store before getting dressed and ready for our first day of vacation! The dogs were suited up in their harnesses too- so cute (: 

My boyfriend’s parents rented a golf cart for the week (which we used quite a bit), but we ended up taking the short walk down the row of RVs to the beach ^ where it was maybe a little TOO windy to wear such a floppy hat. The sun went behind the clouds just as he was going to take pictures of me in the ocean, but I’m sure we’ll take more!

We then stopped back at our trailer for a quick change and headed out on the cart for a tour of the resort. A little backstory: Justin and his family have come to Pirate Land in Myrtle beach for almost every summer the past 5-10 years, so it’s quite the tradition for them. It’s my first time going (we didn’t do it last year, but still vacationed with them) and also my first time camping in an RV and at the beach! My family always camped in tents and we never camped at the beach before, so I was really excited for this. He drove us around and I took a ton of pictures of the sites (: 

Here’s some more pics ^ 

While we spent most of our first day at the beach and went to the pool for some time as well, we managed to squeeze in some cruising time with the dogs and they seemed to enjoy it a lot! I guess in a golf cart it’s like having their head out the window the whole time (: 

Here’s the rest of the chosen few ^ (of hundreds) of pictures from DAY 1 of this mini-series. Hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for day 2 coming soon!

28 thoughts on “Vacation mini-series: day 1

      1. I got mine done today and I think they look so different from each other haha! Need to grow them out again ha xxx

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      2. Oh no! Haha I hate when that happens. My mom is trying to let hers fill in and wants ME to shape them for her. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that 🙈

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  1. I’ve actually never been to Myrtle Beach before. I’ve been to Ocean City, MD, The Outer Banks in NC, and Daytona Beach area in Florida. I’ve never camped in an RV before or at the beach. Although, I’ve always wanted to actually camp on the beach in a tent, but I kind of worry about sand crabs. lol

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    1. Yeah, but it was a lot of fun (: no problems with crabs and surprisingly not a big bug problem either! Thanks for your comment- hope you get to visit it someday xoxo


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