Vacation mini-series: day 2


Sunday started at the pool with a UV index of 11 and me toasting myself for only about 15 minutes before I was covered in sweat and had to dip in the water. My boyfriend and his little brother swam around for a while after hanging out in the lazy river. We didn’t take many pictures there cause we could barely see our phones as it was so sunny! 

But here’s a snapshot from that morning (or afternoon) ^ 

Forgot to mention the food in my previous day post! We grabbed some grilled chicken from the stand at the front of the resort for dinner and went back up there for ice cream later on. They had Edy’s in a bunch of flavors and options to get a shake or float too. We also came across this adorable 10-week old German shepherd puppy while waiting in line (: such a fluffy sweetheart ^ 

Back to the current day, we entered Cuba in a dog show! It was hosted by the campground and there were two other pugs entered along with a ton of other doggos. She was very scared the whole time and didn’t win, but it was still really cute and I think everyone there liked her tongue sticking out (: 

By the time the dog show ended, we had a little time leftover before dinner- so Justin and I headed out to the strip to look through the basic beach shops. Photo-ops galore! We found a mannequin that looked like him and even got to pose with Trump LOL 

We also channeled our inner child and posed with the dumb looking shark and alligator outside Waves. I can still wrestle him down in a skirt! 

We stopped into a Waves, the Dixie shop, and my favorite one was Shell World where they just had tons of cool ocean items. We got one of those air plants ^ in a shell, but with a little magnet on the back so we can attach it to our fridge at home. I loved the big sea sponges and the mirror made of shells! We even played around with some of the weirder things we found there- like the “fans” and sandbox full of hermit crabs, but I wasn’t touching those pickled sharks… 

To end day 2 of our SC vacation, we all met up for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (after passing The Golden Egg restaurant). I got a HUGE chicken Caesar salad and babe got the salmon. We headed back to the camper and passed out, tired but excited for what awaited us the next day… 

Hope you’re all enjoying seeing my vacation in photo-form (: stick around for day 3 coming soon!

14 thoughts on “Vacation mini-series: day 2

  1. Love the picture with Trump hahaha it looks like you had loads of fun. Your pug is adorable!! I really want one. And that baby German Sheppard, so so cute. I can’t wait for more pictures. Enjoy yourself, girly ❤

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    1. Thanks so much (: we’re having a blast! All the dogs around the campground are really cute and everyone has been kind enough to let us pet them. More pictures coming soon- it’s nice to have room on my phone to take so many

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  2. That chicken caesar salad looks so good! I love the way they aligned the chicken. I used to have one of those sharks in a jar. I had it for over a decade before my mom made me get rid of it for some reason. I love sharks though.

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    1. I like sharks too, but I’d much rather have a little one as a pet or something than in the jar (: the salad was great haha thanks for your comment


    1. I miss them so much! We’ll have to take a day trip to Justin’s parents’ house to visit them soon haha and yes, those were some of my favorite pics from vacation cause we had a lot of fun in the shops (:

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