Vacation mini-series: day 4


This one is a little late, but here’s what we did in SC for the Fourth of July! 

We got up quite late cause I wasn’t feeling well at all. Babe decided to cheer me up by taking me to the swings at Skeleton Island, but they tore them down! He said they used to have a really nice set, so he was disappointed. Yes- I know the sign says paddle boats, but it was WAY too hot for that cause they were the uncovered kind.

We walked back to the camper to shower and get ready for what was left of the day. Then we took the golf cart around the resort to cool off before choosing a place to go eat dinner. It was very hot and humid, but getting up to 15 MPH with no windows gets a great breeze going! 

My only real meal of the day (cause I wasn’t feeling well), was a fantastic one at Mr. Fish. I had crab balls, which are just mini crab cakes, and two sushi rolls- a dancing eel and California. Babe got spicy tacos and an eel roll, but he was confused as to why the wasabi there wasn’t hot. We think they used some kind of mixed paste instead of the real deal. It was delicious and I think everyone enjoyed what they ordered (: 

That night, there were of course many people setting off fireworks along the beach. We hopped in the golf cart and headed down to the shore to see them up close. You could see everything from where we parked, but we also went to walk on the beach to get a better look. Happy fourth (: 

I was feeling really awful by the time we got back to the RV that night, so this post wasn’t too fun or exciting. I will have more pictures and a better day in the next one!

10 thoughts on “Vacation mini-series: day 4

    1. It always seems to happen to me at least once every time. Guess my body needed to adjust to the new environment or something. Thank you though (: I’m doing a lot better now and happy to be home!

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    1. It’s basically what you’d see labeled as a dragon roll anywhere else. It was essentially a California roll topped with toasted eel (: what that restaurant wanted to call a dragon roll was something with shrimp tempura and asparagus lol


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