Vacation mini-series: day 5


Back early to make up for the previous day being posted so late. This is the end of my first sort-of series, hope you guys enjoyed coming along for vacation with me (:

The photo above is of a restaurant my dad and I used to go to all the time, but the one that was close to our home got turned into an IHOP, and this one is the first I’d seen since- in South Carolina! So I snapped this real quick to send to him while we were on our way out of the Pirate Land area. 

Back at the beach! This time the sun was out JUST a smidge more than the first day, but we went to the open area at Ocean Boulevard. This beach was way bigger, which was nice cause everyone was spread out and we weren’t scared our stuff would get washed away! The riptide was pretty strong and the waves a bit further out were choppy, so we stayed closer to shore. I was hella bloated and didn’t feel like laying out, so we just stood around in the water and waded about a foot in. I was feeling better than the day/night before though, and I was loving hanging out with my beach babe and taking lots of pictures (:

Next stop on our journey home was South of the Border! If you haven’t been or haven’t heard of it, this is a tourist attraction at the edge of North and South Carolina. It’s been around since 1950 and while a lot of parts look abandoned- they still have restaurants, gift shops, a tower, camping, an alligator farm, and LOTS of animal statues to pose for photos with (: that was my favorite part because the ice cream place was closed when we got there. We did get some mean street tacos and the jalapeΓ±os even made my sweetie tear up. Guess they were giving him that spice back after the disappointing wasabi the night before. I hadn’t been there since I was too young to remember really, so it was crazy to me how much stuff there actually was to see! We ended up hanging out there for an hour and a half, which put us home between 1 and 2 in the morning. We got Dairy Queen blizzards on the way to curb our ice cream cravings, and we pretty much passed right out after showering the beach day off… 

It was a lovely time away, but I think we’re both really just happy to be back home. Now that we have our own place- every day feels like vacation (: 

As always, thank you for taking the time to scroll through my many pictures and read about what we did these past few days. I hope you had a good time on this little series! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments and stay tuned for more “normal” content coming soon. 

31 thoughts on “Vacation mini-series: day 5

    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t know how a short series would be taken, but the feedback has been really positive (: I appreciate the support xoxo


  1. Hi, I am glad to connect with you. Even I posted a travel series recently and has just ended it.
    It is fun, right? To travel and keep updated your lovely blogging people too.
    As for your post, I loved it and also the wonderful pictures that you uploaded.
    I can see the amount of fun that you must have had.

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  2. Great photos! I just love the beach and can’t wait to be there in a couple weeks. I’ve been to South of the Border once in 1996, on my way to Florida. That’s where I’m going again in a couple weeks, but I’m flying so I won’t be able to visit South of the Border, but I’ve been wanting to check that place out again sometime.

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