Marzia’s camping b0x


Earlier this month, I got an email that my summer subscription box from Marzia’s website had been delivered. Not wanting to go through the hassle and also as an excuse to get my butt back home to visit my dad every now and then, I hadn’t changed the shipping address to our apartment. Ironically enough I got the notification while camping in SC, so I was a little late picking up my package, but it was so worth it! 

Babe was standing next to me while I opened it and took all the pictures, so I decided it might be funny to position him just right so I could catch his sly smile in my desk mirror. Silly, but super cute (: this is the second box I’ve received from her subscription service. It isn’t a monthly, but more so a “seasonal” box which arrives every few months. I started blogging shortly after receiving the spring/floral box which you can view here if you’d like to read my first impression! Onto the unboxing: 

The first two things I pulled out of the paper fluff were the Marzipan mug and this brown bandana ^ the mug is very camping appropriate as it’s tin which is lightweight and the speckles remind me of a tiny mobile stovetop or something. The bandana was a sweet touch that made me feel like a scout- versatile enough to use as a headband or scarf while out in the wilderness!

Next up were the adorable Maya-inspired notebook and little comic + another forest creature pencil (now I have four of them). I love getting the new things Marzia creates herself because her art style is so simple, yet it’s quirky and unique. The little story she put together is adorable. Also, the item I was most excited for after watching her unboxing video- because I don’t like surprises and I was too anxious to get mine from home and open it: Marzia’s perfume! She partnered with Scent Trunk to create this lovely smelling spray. She loves lemon, my boyfriend loves lemon, so you can be sure I was a happy camper knowing I’d be getting this (: pun ^ 

The next few items are all beauty related. Firstly, the face pads by First Aid Beauty are wonderful. They’re very moist and the texture is a little bumpy so as to exfoliate. They don’t have a smell, which is nice, and they go hand in hand with the serum that was included by one of my favorite brands Fresh. I already have the rose deep hydration face cream and now trying the serum, I have to say they’re equally lovely- but I prefer the feeling of the cream more. The serum is somewhat gel/oily feeling even though it does the same amazing job at keeping my skin silky and smooth through the night. I also received two blush sticks (which I doubt I’ll ever use), one by Wet N Wild and one by NYX. They’re very pretty shades, so I’m hoping one day I can find the occasion to use them… 

And that’s all that was in this season’s box! I get the cheaper one with less goodies for $40 (with shipping), but there is a VIP version available on her site for a higher price that includes a few extra items. Hope you enjoyed unboxing this with me and as always- feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment (:

21 thoughts on “Marzia’s camping b0x

  1. I love this month’s theme, the mug and the pad are super cute! I got her scent with the Floral box and it’s just amazing, I’m sure this one is as good as the previous! ❤

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  2. Aww this was such a fun camping box!! I love all of the little illustrations(: also I got entirely too confused when I saw Justin’s face in the mirror, hahaha! Couldn’t figure out if it was a picture or not 😂

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