Embracing the sc0rch


Justin and I had a day off together this past weekend, and we made the most of it! Here’s some snapshots of how we spent our splendid summer Sunday: 

While we waited for our laundry to wash and dry, we took advantage of the amenities our apartment complex has to offer! A lovely pool surrounded by beautiful blooming crepe myrtles. The water was warm, but still refreshing. Plus babe got to show off his new swim trunks and slides, looking so very handsome (: 

After that, we were very hungry, so I threw together a tasty lunch of turkey burger + hummus, cucumbers, and bruschetta on top with a side of rice. It was so yummy! I made Justin’s a bit differently with ranch and sriracha instead of my toppings. It was time to get ready for the day once our bellies were full… 

I got all done up and was feeling myself as I’ve been working so much lately I haven’t had the chance to do my makeup and hair really as I’d like (: I tried to show it off by not covering up with sunglasses, so pardon my squint in the pictures ^ babe was also looking mighty fine as he always does. He rocks those new Persol sunnies so well! 

I gave my sweet man a scarlet smooch as he was kind enough to drive us up to my parents’ house so I could grab a few things, and we took advantage of the wonderful lighting there. We also saw a cute little camouflage frog among the leaves. When we came back to our place, I used the time while we were charging our phones to take a few selfies- including one of my freshly done nails! It’s a shade I absolutely adore, somewhere between brown and gray. 

Off we went again! Babe was excited to hear that legendaries were introduced into PokΓ©monGo recently, so we decided to walk around and try to catch something or at least find a raid to battle it. Sadly, we didn’t catch anything (but he got one the next day). It was humid and buggy, but we still enjoyed walking around together and reveling in the beauty that is now our home city! We ended the night by trying out a new restaurant which was hit and miss. My meal was delicious- lump crab meat piled on a big slice of tomato with avocado purΓ©e and tomatoes on top and garnished with sprouts. Babe wasn’t so lucky, but he still managed to smile through the meal and we drove home to relax the rest of the night with each other. What a wonderful day off! 

That’s it for today- hope you all liked the pictures and it was a good read for your feed! See ya soon (:

34 thoughts on “Embracing the sc0rch

  1. Woowww!! Great pictures! I loved your yellow dress and those red pronted shorts! And that lipstick mark picture is just soooo cute!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you πŸ™ˆ such a sweet compliment! I’m hoping we get more time off work together cause I love doing fun stuff and taking lots of pictures


    1. Yes, we try our best to make the most of our free time together (: today it was sleeping in til noon! I hate when that happens to clothes- especially ones we adore, so sorry for your loss

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  2. I can’t get over how adorable you are! You look so cute in those outfits. Yellow is definitely your color! I’m loving that sun dress. That striped top looks amazing on you as well. Especially paired with the red lips. It’s always great when you get dolled up and feel good about yourself.

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