21-m0nths 0f us


This is a bit backwards cause it happened before our Sunday off which I posted already, but getting these pics together and writing this post meant a little more to me than our fun time in the sun. Justin and I recently celebrated 21-months together on the 21st of this month. That means we’re just a few months away from our two-year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier or more thrilled! The following are some photos of us to commemorate our relationship milestone and some snapshots of how we spent the special day: 

Just goofing around doing our night time routines ^ and some selfies at my parents’ house in the PERFECT lighting! These were all taken a few days before the big day. 

The morning of our anniversary, my sweet man made gluten-free blueberry pancakes for us and they were delicious! Not the only thing yummy in the photo ^ then we did some running around and took many car selfies as per tradition. 

Unfortunately, babe couldn’t get the entire day off work- but luckily he only had to work a few hours and we still spent a lovely evening together. We watched a movie that I’ve been wanting to watch since I got it a while back: Me Before You starring the amazing Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. It was a tear-jerker, but an incredibly good film. After that, we had some fun by trying out more YesTo masks! We had both tried other versions of these before: me, the cucumber & him, the coconut sheet mask. This time I opted for the charcoal one (which I didn’t realize was actually black) and he got the coconut clay mask which I thought would be brown. To my disappointment it was white, but he decided to put it ALL OVER his face and managed to look hilarious, although terrifying. We laughed about how silly we looked and took selfies before & after to show the results on our skin. My skin felt brand new after using the mask for about 15 minutes, then folding it up and wiping my face clean with it. He had a harder time getting his off, but said it really nourished his skin so WIN (: 

We’re having a blast living together and I can’t wait til we’ve officially been dating for two whole years! It’s crazy how loving someone can feel like it’s been years and like you just met the day before- all at once. I appreciate all of your kind comments on my posts of us and I’m continually grateful for everyone’s support. Hope you enjoyed! 

46 thoughts on “21-m0nths 0f us

  1. Awwww you guys are the cutest couple EVER!!! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’œ congrats on 21 months to you two! Looks like you had a great day together πŸ’™ I was cracking up at those mask pictures!! πŸ˜‚ I could not figure out WHAT you had on your face, then I saw that the packaging said “paper mask”!!

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