July fav0rites


I concluded I’m not alone in my opinion that July FLEW by after reading a couple other end-of-the-month posts on my Reader today. This one did feel shorter than the last, but hopefully August will bring an endless summer. On to my faves for this past month: 

As the header pic for this post suggests, we finally got an ottoman! A luxurious one at that from none other than our fave store- Target. It’s super soft and wasn’t $100 like we thought cause all the tags were mixed up and it ended up being a steal. I also managed to snag the two rugs ^ on sale for $9 each. I placed one beside our foyer area at the front door and the other beside my bed. These were my favorite “new buys” for July, definitely. Bonus shot of my sweet man sitting in the laundry basket cause he’s always my favorite (: 

My favorite nail colors this month have to be the most recent ones I’ve used: the infamous subtle pink (dusty rose) on my toes & Nicole’s “Taupe of my Class” brown/gray on my fingernails. They’re very muted tones as opposed to a few other choices I’ve had this month- since I redo them about every week. What’s your fave shade to use on your nails in summer? 

Some more beauty faves this month! A new app I downloaded called Influenster hosts a multitude of reviews on everything you could think of including beauty. Plus, you can connect it to your social media accounts and the further your reach (amount of followers), the higher your “impact score.” You can leave your own reviews on anything and after you reach a certain level, they’ll send you a free box of some things to use and review. I haven’t got THAT far yet, but it’s super fun to use and almost addicting. Skincare is really important to me and this month, I received some new and exciting items out of my Marzia’s summer “camping” subscription box: First Aid Beauty’s facial radiance pads & Fresh’s rose deep hydration face serum. I had never used anything from the former brand, but these pads are so lovely. They don’t have too much of a scent, but they are bumpy to be slightly exfoliating and also tone the skin while cleansing it. The latter brand is one of my favorites already, although I had never tried a serum from anyone. I have the face cream version and adore it, but I’ve been switching between the two for my night routine. I love them both, but I do think I like the texture/feel of the cream a bit more- guess I’m not a serum person. You can see all the items I got in my box in my previous post Marzia’s camping b0x 

Also, since this summer has been BRUTAL as far as the heat and humidity, I’ve been conservative in my makeup use. Some products I’ve been using lately are Covergirl’s SoLashy BlastPro mascara to make myself look a bit more awake (since I seem to be working all day everyday lately) & Clinique’s collab with Crayola to make the heavenly chubby sticks which are basically extremely well pigmented balms. I have the mini 4-pack, but I’ve been sticking to the Brick Red shade as it’s a great summer color and a bold red-lip is quickly growing on me. So the big eyes + bold lip has become my go-to summer look! 

Vacation! Our trip to Myrtle Beach was my favorite destination in July. It was nice to enjoy the sun and sand away from work for a little while. You can see what we were up to each day in my first ever mini-series here: 

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Gifts? Treated myself to ordering Hailey Hudson’s short story Hope is the Thing with Feathers and it just arrived the other day! I haven’t had a chance to sit and read it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it and look out for my review on it as well. Her story is so amazing- check out her blog here: Now All I Know Is Grace 

My dreamboat of a boyfriend treated me too, as he always does, like a queen by picking up a pair of shoes I’ve wanted for months! Steve Madden’s “Softey” slides in pink (: aren’t they adorable? I wear them every chance I get and I love them to death. Fuzzy and perfect… 

Some selfies at Brown’s Island ^ and my favorite food from this month: Udi’s everything! They’re a fantastic gluten-free brand that we couldn’t get enough of lately and I’m sure we won’t anytime soon. You can see a bunch of other stuff we enjoyed choking down on this month in my foodie post F00d + nails 

MEDIA // faves for July had to be Moana which we watched WAY late, I know. The animation was incredible and someone got hooked on the songs *cue Justin singing “You’re Welcome”* and To the Bone starring Lily Collins, which was riveting as her work always is. Tv show-wise Riverdale (which Justin and I finished watching season 1 and can’t wait to see more) was one of my faves and Reign, which I’m working on season 2 currently and am obsessed. Do any of you watch it? 

Last but not least, blogging has been one of my favorite things to do when I have a little break from working. I enjoy what you all post so much and your comments make me smile (: sorry there’s so many links in this post, but that’s why! I’ve been on here quite a bit this month, including working on my very first awards: Mystery bl0gger Versatile bl0gger Awes0me bl0gger Unique bl0gger 

I want to thank everyone who nominated me for your continued support and wish my nominees another congratulations! I have a few more to complete in August, so keep an eye out for those soon. 

What were your favorites this month?

46 thoughts on “July fav0rites

    1. Same here! I saw them and had to have them, but I also thought I’d have to wait til my birthday- he’s the sweetest haha and I definitely prefer Francis (gotta love a blonde)

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      1. Oh plz do it!! πŸ’— I love fur things, but good quality fur is quite expensive and not easily available in India. May be because we don’t have the climate for it.☺

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