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I’m back with more awards! I can’t explain how much it warms my heart to be nominated by fellow bloggers whose content I find so well-written and excited to read. Thank you again and again to everyone who’s tagged me in their awards and also to all my followers for your continued support and sweet comments. 

This award I’ve noticed is one of the most popular along my Reader. I was nominated by Those Dreaming DaysAna’s lil BlogTropic TrendsBeautiful Creative Inspiring LifeChloe BurfordMethod to my MelodyAdventures with Amanda and as the first rule of the award suggests- I linked their blogs and want to express my sincerest gratitude for thinking of me and my blog in your awards posts! 


Acknowledge nominator(s) and link their blogs, share 11 facts about yourself, answer their questions, nominate more blogs, ask them questions, and notify them of their nomination. 

*warning: this post is very long due to my answering all the questions from my 7 nominators- hope you make it to the end!

11 facts about me: 

1. I’m the youngest of three girls 

2. I look very much like my mother 

3. My favorite color is yellow 

4. I want to name my dog (whenever the universe blesses me with a frenchie) either Jughead or Mucca *means cow 

5. One of my eyes is a redder brown and the other is a greener brown 

6. I don’t like anything made of pig food-wise 

7. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years 

8. I have under-extended knees 

9. My favorite nail polish to wear is either faded pink or brown/gray 

10. I tan easily 

11. I have a mole next to my belly button that I used to call my “lucky freckle” when I was young

Those Dreaming Days’ questions for me: 

1. Do you have a middle name? Yes, it’s Nicole 

2. What is your favorite film? Probably the new Star Trek movie (the first one) as I’ve watched it over 20 times now 

3. What do you like to do to relax and unwind? I like to drink tea, do my nails and eyebrows, and take baths 

4. What word sums you up? Organized 

5. What would your dream date be? Because my boyfriend is a dream come true himself, he’s already made it happen. He booked us reservations at a very fancy restaurant that I’d never been to (even a specific table in the back, at the upper level) all without me knowing and surprised me on our one-year anniversary with the most romantic dinner ever. It was such a shock and so extravagant that I couldn’t help but cry with excitement and love for him when we were seated. I felt like a queen and it’s still one of the best nights of my life 

6. What is your favorite picture you’ve taken and why? 

Another story about me being a cry baby: this is my favorite picture because it captures the moment I first fell in love with Justin. We weren’t dating yet and he had taken me to the Baltimore aquarium to celebrate my 19th birthday and sneakily asked the waitress at the restaurant we went to if she could bring something special out for me. It was the perfect ending to such a wonderful day together that I couldn’t help but get a bit teary eyed 

7. Do you do any sports? No, but I took dance for three years when I was in middle school and did marching band all through my high school years 

8. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you go with? I would go to Italy, visit the entire country and see any family I have left over there. I’d take as much of my family (and my boyfriend) as I could 

9. Do you play any instruments? I played the clarinet for 7 years, but not very well 

10. What’s your favorite word? Apparently, it’s “actually” as I used to say it a lot as a child (so my mother claims and laughs about) 

11. What’s your favorite quote? “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Ana’s lil Blog’s questions for me: 

1. What do you think is the best/worst thing about being a blogger? I think the blogging community is the best thing cause everyone is supportive and genuine. The worst thing is when you want to post but have writers block or can’t seem to put together something you really feel proud of 

2. Other than blogging, what takes up most of your spare time? My boyfriend. We spend as much time as we can together since we work so much. It’s way easier now that we live together, but sometimes our schedules are still opposites or we don’t get a day off together 

3. If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be: eyeliner, concealer, eyebrow products, lipstick? Although I’ve never used concealer, I’m sure it could come in handy some day. So I’m gonna go with eyebrow products cause I’ve never needed them and don’t think I’d ever use them 

4. What/who is your biggest inspiration for blogging? Marzia Bisognin. I love her style and when I discovered her blog, I fell in love with the concept of having one 

5. Do you blog full time? If not, what’s your occupation? No, I’m a pharmacy technician 

6. What is your favorite food? Anything Italian (bias opinion) 

7. What is your favorite clothing store? Target. I always find something, or many things, that I love there

8. What is on the top of your bucket list? Have a happy, healthy family. I know it isn’t the most exciting thing, but it isn’t easy for everyone to achieve and it’s something I’m really hoping/praying to have 

9. If you had Β£100 (about $130) to spend in ANY but only one clothing/makeup store, where would it be? Probably a thrift store somewhere overseas. The style is different there and I think I could get a whole “new” wardrobe with that much money 

10. If you could choose 1-3 words to describe your fashion style, what would they be? Different, colorful, and comfortable

11. What is the biggest lesson blogging has taught you? Sometimes your “lifelong” friends have so many new friends that your posts on social media become a scroll-by to them and the people that actually interact with you are strangers cause they’re genuinely interested in what you’re putting out there cause they haven’t known you your whole life and that’s OKAY

Tropic Trends’ questions for me: 

1. Where are you from? Virginia, USA 

2. How long have you been blogging? Since April of this year 

3. Favorite movie? Star Trek ^ mentioned previously, or A Walk To Remember 

4. Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Jamaica was amazing when my family took a Caribbean cruise, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember a lot of the trip. I would say, in my adult life, my favorite place I’ve been to would be NY with my boyfriend. I have family there, so I’ve visited all over the state multiple times- but it was his first time there and experiencing that with him was wonderful 

5. Favorite food? Anything Italian ^ mentioned previously, or hummus 

6. Biggest fear? Not being able to have a family of my own, on my own

Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring…Life’s questions for me: 

1. What’s your favorite blog post you’ve done so far? Probably my B0yfriend backst0rycause I love all the pictures of us and sharing with you guys the story of our love 

2. What are your five year goals? Get a new car, get a better paying job of the same position, get engaged, get married, buy a house, and have our first child (hopefully) 

3. Most vivid dream you’ve ever had? I really don’t remember my dreams- which I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing 

4. If you had to live through any disaster scenario, which one would you choose? I’ve lived through an earthquake, so I guess that 

5. What scares you? Premature death 

6. Why did you start a blog? Short answer- the community aspect of it interested me more than the other social media outlets I’d been using for so long 

7. What’s the best thing about you? My wit 

8. What are your thoughts on cloning? It’s so broadly researched, that I’m not too sure what I believe is right- I guess how it’s okay with plants and food, but not too sure about animals yet 

9. Any crazy conspiracy theories you secretly agree with? *whispers* we really did go to the moon lol 

10. What’s something you’ve always wanted your followers to know about you? I would’ve loved to have been an artist, but I knew there wasn’t any money in it as a career- but as a hobby, I still really enjoy all forms of art and I’d love to get back into dance someday 

11. If you could give new bloggers one piece of advice, what would it be? Just blog what you want to blog! Followers will come to your page genuinely that way cause it’s what THEY enjoy too (:

Chloe Burford’s questions for me: 

1. What’s your favorite book? The City of Ember (series), I read them as a child and fell in love with the world and the words. The movie is actually pretty good as well 

2. What/who influenced you to start your blog? The now over 20,000 pictures in my camera roll and Marzia Bisognin 

3. What are your blogging goals? I’d just like to be friends with the people I follow and the ones that comment on my posts. It’s really great to get to know people who show a genuine interest in what I’m putting out there 

4. Which of your posts is your favorite and why? B0yfriend backst0ry cause of obvious tall, blonde, and handsome reasons 

5. What is your biggest achievement? Moving into my own apartment with the love of my life 

6. What advice would you give to new bloggers? Do it YOUR way! 

7. What are your hobbies and interests? I love to organize, as boring as it sounds- I really enjoy having a place for everything 

8. What are your favorite type of posts to read? DIYs and personal posts like what people have been up to (traveling, eating, favorites) 

9. What is your favorite memory? When I was very small, my parents used to ask me “how big is Shannon?” and I’d raise my arms and yell “so big!” and apparently it was super cute lol we even have it on VHS video 

10. What social media could you not live without? Probably Instagram or if you’d consider WordPress social media 

11. If you could move and live in another country, which would it be? Either England, Greece or Tasmania

Method to my Melody’s questions for me: 

1. What was your favorite vacation and why? When almost all of my mom’s side of the family got to meet up in Topsail, NC for an entire week and my boyfriend got to join us! 

2. What is your favorite food? Anything Italian 

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Married, had at least one child, and working the same position with higher pay 

4. Married, kids, job, etc.? Not married yet, no kids yet, working as a pharmacy technician for almost 2 years 

5. What are your hobbies? Organizing and blogging 

6. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? If I could make money selling my own art- I would love to do that 

7. What is the thing you are most proud of? My relationship 

8. If there is a quote that describes your outlook on life, what is it? “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” -John 1:5 

9. What did you do yesterday (or what is a typical day for you)? Worked 10 hours 

10. What is the worst illness/injury you’ve sustained? Appendicitis and getting my wisdom teeth out 

11. Do you have any pets? I have two cats at my parents’ house. They’re brothers, gray Hemingways 

12. What’s your favorite season? Autumn, but spring is a close second

Adventures with Amanda’s questions for me: 

1. Who is your hero? My dad, I feel like he knows so much and I don’t know where I’d be without his constant support 

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Probably anywhere a little colder (this summer has been brutal) 

3. What is your biggest fear? Death before my time 

4. What is your favorite family vacation? Topsail summer 2016 

5. What would you change about yourself if you could? Probably that I complain so much, I know I can help it- but I’m not so good at it 

6. What really makes you angry? Lies and unfairness 

7. What motivates you to work hard? My future and my boyfriend (which are one and the same really) 

8. What is your favorite thing about your career? That I can really help people 

9. What is your biggest complaint about your job? I don’t get paid as much at my store as other pharmacies pay

10. What is your proudest accomplishment? Passing my test and getting my state pharmacy technician certification 

11. What is your child’s proudest accomplishment? I don’t know yet, I’ll let you know when I have kids!

My nominees for the Liebster award: 

1. Lipstick For Lunch 

2. LoveYOUself 

3. Lucie Seviour 

4. Luna Wandering 

5. Tabie Ledesma

6. MEW 

7. Misabella’s Blog 

8. My Life Book

9. My Thoughts

10. Now All I Know is Grace 

11. On a Bad Day, There’s Always Lipstick 

My questions for them: 

1. What was your favorite subject in school? 

2. What was your childhood pet? 

3. How many weddings have you attended? 

4. Do you have a least favorite song? 

5. Do you prefer spring or fall? 

6. What was your first car? Or what do you want your first car to be? 

7. Do you have any long-distance friends? 

8. Where did you last vacation? 

9. What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

10. Do you prefer city or country living? 

11. Where did your best memory take place? 

Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you again for this award! I enjoyed answering your questions (and I apologize for the duplicates), and look forward to the answers to mine. I’m currently working on two more awards- so keep an eye out for those SUPER soon!

26 thoughts on “Liebster award

  1. The Liebster Award does seem to be the one to go around the most! Congrats on getting nominated seven times – that is so awesome(: xx I loved reading through all your answers! That’s so cool that you’re a pharmacy technician. May I ask what got you interested in that field?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yeah really (: I do all the tasks in the pharmacy besides counting narcotics and verifying the prescriptions. So I take care of people picking up and dropping off scripts, count them and fill them, any inventory tasks, etc.

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