Free birds


Fair warning, this post will be lengthy and photo-filled cause I’ve been hoarding these snapshots for half of a month now. We’ve been getting small bits of time together lately because of our busy and sometimes opposite work schedules, so here’s what we did on our days (or half days) off: 

We made hella food ^ all the meals we’ve put together recently have been spectacular and we really enjoyed making them. We made avocado toast and eggs a few times, chicken Parmesan, just pasta with salads, and tried Udi’s raviolis (which were awesome). I also had a bit of time to do my nails a perfect purple for summer! This didn’t last long and right now they are naked and I’m aching for time to re-paint them… 

We walked on Cary ^ stepped into Need Supply which is like heaven for Justin, the toy store World of Mirth (heaven for me), and got rolled ice cream for the first time right outside of one of our favored restaurants! Very sweet and refreshing after strolling in the heat of the sun. The entire day was very aesthetically pleasing… 

Another round of masks ^ more from YesTo brand, babe got another white one and I opted for the grapefruit clay mask which was super peach-colored and smelled amazing! We both loved the feeling & look of our skin after rinsing these off and took some cute selfies on the couch afterwards…

We went to the shops ^ the mothership (Tiffany & Co.) called me home and we also stopped in Anthropologie which was way over-priced, but had some gorgeous items! We dressed business casually? Tons of pictures in the shopping center followed. Dinner was at an old fave- Sushi King and it was delicious as always…

My first Panda Express experience ^ this handsome man treated me to dinner at a place he’s loved and raved about. It was super yummy and I’d definitely go back cause it’s close to where we get groceries (which we did after) and it’s affordable! 

Randoms to end it ^ we made more baked chicken, this time with a marinade and peas. Appetizer of cheese and hummus on some rice crackers- his were topped with skinny slivers of jalapeรฑo. The mashed potatoes might’ve stolen the show though! Caught my man chilling on the floor, so cute & pics of the animals from over the week: the noodle cat struck again right outside our apartment, and the dog isn’t ours (though I wish it was)- it was at a festival where Justin was working one day… 

Now you should be caught up. We’ve got much more exciting things going on during the second half of the month, but I hope you liked getting a look at what we’d done previously. Until next time!

39 thoughts on “Free birds

  1. The food looks so yummy! It’s a good thing I just ate. lol I’ve actually never been to a Panda Express. We don’t have one here where I live, but I always thought the food looked good there. I go to a local Chinese place that’s close to my house, which has good food too. I’m absolutely loving the color of your nails! Such a pretty color. The rice and crackers with jalapenos looks like a really yummy snack. I love spicy food. It looks like they’re fresh jalapenos too! (As opposed to the pickled kind you buy in the grocery store — but I love the pickled jalapenos as well).

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