Warby Parker


Back pretty quick cause I’ve got a whole list of posts to put together before the month is up. One of which is something pretty exciting for me: the Warby Parker home try-on! I wear glasses to drive and, more recently, to watch television. The two pairs of glasses I have are quite old and have prescriptions that are dated as such. I haven’t had my eyes checked in years, so I’m really looking forward to getting a new script and new frames to boot! I saw an ad for Warby Parker on Facebook and took them up on their offer to send 5 frames (of my choice) to my doorstep to try on. This is the result: 

They arrived quickly and in beautiful condition! I picked a metal pair, a quirky blue pair, and 3 tortoise shell frames. The company gives you five days to try them out and send them back- plus, it’s completely free. So here we go: 

First and faves are the round metal pair, just so simple and easy to wear ^ 

The odd pick of the bunch, blue frames that I won’t be getting cause they’re not really my style and the shape isn’t so great ^ 

Second faves are these toroise shell split pair that have a very feminine shape ^ 

This crazy big pair which I sort of liked, but don’t think I’ll be getting- although they were fun to try on ^ 

These thicker frames that are a bit like one of my old pairs, but too dark for my taste ^

Babe even tried on a pair ^ so handsome! It was super fun trying on all the frames and taking selfies in them. Figuring out what works with my face and feels right was a great way to make the process of getting new glasses quicker! Someday soon, we’ll be heading to the Warby Parker store to grab them. Which ones will I get? 

41 thoughts on “Warby Parker

  1. Oh how fun!! I like the “crazy big pair” and the blue ones on you the best, but that’s just my opinion. 😊 They’re all super cute which ever you do choose!

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  2. These glasses are so gorgeous, I have watched a few US youtubers mention Warby Parker before. They all suit you so much but I love the wire framed ones the best πŸ™‚ I wish I could pull of glasses, I think they’re stunning! xxx

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  3. I have the first pair you tried on. It’s not made by the same company but they look almost identical. I like them best too because you have the little adjustable things that sit on your nose. hahaha I am sure they have a technical name but adjustable things are what I have dubbed them :):) You can make them fit how you need. I found the pairs that just sit on your nose, there’s no real way to adjust them.

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