Girls night 0ut


About a week and a half ago, I met up with a few of my girl friends from high school to hang out and go to dinner!

I took the beginning half of the day to clean up the apartment (as seen in my previous post All cleaned up), then I took the luxury of getting myself all done up for selfies before my ladies arrived… 

We hadn’t seen each other in almost an entire year! Luckily, we kept mostly in touch through the years after graduation. We all spoke a bit to catch up before heading out into the city- it was a beautiful evening (a bit humid though) 

Our meal was at Rock Bottom, a restaurant/brewery that I’ve been to more than a few times before. It’s a wonderful place and has the best menu. My favorite are the shrimp and lobster tacos ^ 

To end the night, we walked around the outdoor mall and shopped at a few places before going back to my apartment. My man took a nice picture of us, then they all went home. It was truly a lovely evening of stories and friendship, and I hope I can have them back again soon!

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