P00l party


Another super short post! Recently, Justin’s work friend invited us to his annual pool party. We took the whole day off for it… 

It was so lovely to sleep in together and my sweetheart made a delicious breakfast of gluten-free pancakes and turkey bacon (: 

After relaxing a bit, we got into our bathing suits- put on way too much sunscreen (but I’ll get to that in a second), and headed out! 

Unfortunately, the pool was shaded by trees pretty much completely. There wasn’t a lot of sun at all in the backyard (where the party was being hosted) to be burned by. I had piled my thick, heavy locks on my head for nothing! It was alright though because I still had a blast watching everyone eating, drinking, and playing in the pool. We didn’t know too many people there, but we still talked to a few new faces. Babe eventually took a dip in the water and he had a great time! We stayed for about 3 hours before thanking our host and heading towards home… 

There was a GameStop on our way back, so we stopped in and picked up a few new games and other goodies. Then we ended up grabbing Taco Bell out (which we haven’t done in a really long time), and it was super yummy! All in all a wonderful day off with my handsome man (:

32 thoughts on “P00l party

  1. What games did you end up picking out? My boyfriend and I could spend hours at GameStop, lol! Looks like you guys had fun though what a bummer that the sun was blocked!

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