August fav0rites 


Kinda rushed this one, but we’ve got a lot going on this last week of the month! Justin’s birthday is at the end of the week, so we’re hanging out everyday doing different stuff around the state (: more to come on that including lots of pictures and all the gifts he’s gonna get… 

Including the first image and this collage, some of my favorites this month are the jewelry pieces I recently picked up from Charming Charlie. I got the necklaces BOGO 1/2 off due to a lovely prize wheel they had when you walked in the store. I almost got a coupon for earrings (which would’ve been worthless), but the lady working the stand saw that I had already picked out some necklaces, so she tipped it to the next peg! I don’t have much jewelry, besides the bean necklace my boyfriend got me from Tiffany that I wear pretty much everyday, so having these new and dainty items made me really happy (: 

Speaking of my sweetheart, here are some snaps of him being super cute ^ cause he’s my favorite every month. Also, here are a few of the things we picked up while in GameStop the other day. I got a Gudetama keychain- he says “I’m falling” lol and a Dobby plushie that likes to sit on our bed. 

More goodies! These are from a recent giveaway I won (which will have its own post coming soon). The first is a gorgeous nail polish by Chanel called “Blue Rebel” and it went on so perfectly. I love the way dark colors look when my nails are grown out and shaped well. The second is a bath bomb from Lush that smells so wonderful, looks very nice, and left little hearts in the tub after! 

My favorite shoes this month were of course my new Steve Madden “Softeys” slides that you’ve now seen a million times ^ and a new/surprise pair of Yeezy V2 Zebra sneakers my boyfriend gave me. I didn’t think I’d like them cause I can’t wear white shoes without messing them up, but these are TOO comfy and actually look really cool… 

Girls night 0ut 

Warby Parker

S0ft stuff

Sorry this post is a total mess btw, it’s been a crazy month for sure! Favorite glasses out of all the try-ons from Warby Parker are the metal frames and the split tortoise shells ^ I’m also super happy I finally got to put together my dream window seat and that girls night out reuniting with my friends from high school was a success (:

Fave foods of August ^ another winner from Udi’s were their gluten-free raviolis. So yummy and they came in a big bag so there was enough for both of us to have seconds! My first Panda Express experience was a great one and I can’t wait to go back. Also, Sushi King right down the road from us was delicious as always. I tried two new rolls and really like the one with crab on top- not so much the one with fried shrimp inside… 

Fair time

That cat at the top is Pumpkin and you’ll be seeing more of her in an upcoming post about our day trip to the SPCA. My favorite thing we did this month was going to a local agricultural fair in my hometown. Seeing all the livestock and getting to pet the adorable cows was the best part, but the food and rides were also really fun! 

To end this month’s favorites I’ll share my top shows: Reign (finished the series and cried way too much), Friends (finished the series for the millionth time, but Justin’s first time), and Gotham (which I’ve seen up until the current season, but Justin is starting fresh and he loves it) 

Hope you enjoyed my scramble to get this post out. Have a great September! 

48 thoughts on “August fav0rites 

  1. Sounds like it’s been a fun month! This post also didn’t feel rushed, at least to me 😂 I love all the photos you shared, and I love your plush Dobby! Also, I was surprised that Justin has never seen Friends?I just thought everyone had 😂 Or is it just that he hadn’t watched the whole series? 🙂

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  2. What a great month you had! That necklace and the li’l toys you got from GameStop are adorable! Can’t believe it was your first time trying Panda Express, but glad you finally got to! It’s my go-to when I’m shopping at the mall and need a break! 😊

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    1. Yes, and I hope you had a good one as well! It’s nice to have those little treats every now and then (: the food was so good there and what a cool place- definitely going back soon. I understand the hype haha thanks so much for your comment xoxo

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  3. Oh my goodness, that sushi oyster necklace thingy! How adorable and tragic. I always have such a tough time choosing nail polish colors. I really love those deep colors and the one you’re wearing is really interesting. You’re also pretty good at applying polish! I don’t know why but I feel like with the way darker wine lipsticks look on you that you must just come alive in the fall time! Do you ever wear your hair back in a tight bun with burgundy lips and a black turtleneck? A bit Audrey Hepburn!

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    1. Isn’t it cute? Lol and I have so many colors, I’ve been choosing one at random lately. This blue was new so had to go next! Glad you like it (: I used to wear my hair in an extremely tight bun everyday when I was in my preteen-early teens, so much so that my hairline fell back a bit and my baby hairs flourished from the breaking of hairs near my line…so it’s not my favorite hairstyle anymore as it looks awful on me and doesn’t feel too good. My sister although rocks that look haha


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