SPCA play


A while back, Justin’s little brother spent the day with us and since it was a Sunday- not a lot of places were open. We decided to go to the local animal shelter! 

Of course, we had the entire day off- so I had time to doll myself up a bit and with good reason. Have to impress the kitties! Babe looked hot hot hot in his black tee, but decided to switch it out for a cooler shirt since the weather was quite warm. I took my look a bit 70’s gym class, and chose to ditch the lipstick for our day out… 

Made it there in the heat! It really was a beautiful day, I think the humidity just killed it- unfortunately 

We met some really sweet kitties, but the dog section was closed off. I think they were doing Sunday cleaning. The black cat was our favorite- her name was Pumpkin and she was very playful, but also loved us petting her! I wanted to take her home so bad, but we aren’t ready for an apartment pet yet and I think we’ll start with something smaller and easier to take care of whenever we end up getting something. There was a cute orange kitty that had the saddest eyes ^ and a few others behind the glass (we didn’t want to take each one out since we weren’t seriously interested in adopting and it looked like a few other people there were). 

I really enjoy this SPCA because they have an upstairs with a big classroom and tons of art! 

Also, across the way are the most beautiful murals! We had Justin stand on the median to take pictures of me and his little brother. We then took to the car and planned where to go to end our day out… 

Lastly, we went to a mall that was near the shelter. Everything was pretty much closing cause of the day of the week, but we still tried on a few things and had our fun (: 

More adventures coming in the next few days. I’ve been backed up for a while with editing time and celebrating Justin’s birthday. Hope you’ll all stay tuned!

48 thoughts on “SPCA play

  1. That’s such a sweet way to spend your day giving the animals some extra love. I hate how all of the dogs are closed off in their own cage and can’t snuggle and play with the other dogs. It always makes me cry and I want to unlock all the cages and take them all home with me. The graffiti murals were so pretty. I love the Pocahontas looking one and then I saw the second one and loved that too.

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    1. It’s one of my favorite things to do (: I love visiting all the fur babies! Someday, I’ll be able to bring one home and give it the love it deserves forever. The murals in Richmond are so amazing, thanks for commenting xoxo

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      1. Yeah, it’s a lot of work and that’s why I want to be SUPER ready before we take that on. The kitties deserve to be cared for, not neglected. I’ve had my cats for almost 13 years now (:

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  2. The colour does suit you. Goes great with your hair too. Cats can still wear fur really well when the whole world says it’s politically incorrect 😹😸

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