Giveaways w0n


I love giveaways. They’re a great way to spread the word for a cause and the thrill of waiting to find out if you’ve won is so fun to me. I’m actually working on putting one together myself (think I’m about half done), so stick around & keep an eye out for that! 

The first giveaway I won on WordPress was from Dreaming of Pink which included a book, bath bomb, conditioner, and nail polish. I’ve since tried all the items (haven’t managed to start reading yet), and I love all of them! Thank you a million times over for hosting this amazing collection of items (:

August fav0rites

You might’ve seen in a previous post I spoke about the Chanel nail polish in the shade “Blue Rebel” and it’s gorgeous! Such a quality lacquer. Used the bath bomb from LUSH the night I opened the giveaway box cause I haven’t used one in a while and was super excited to try it out. It was lovely all around: smell, color, and feel! 

The second one, I couldn’t believe when I opened the message that my luck was so good. I won a second giveaway in the same week! This box from Tales From the Thrift Shop included a ton of products from Tarte. I’ve never owned any makeup by this brand, so I was pumped to learn I’d soon have my very own starter kit. Thanks so much to Kali for these wonderful items (: 

In this giveaway was an eyeshadow palette, three different highlighters, a spray, and a fabulous makeup bag! I haven’t managed to try all of them out yet, but I took a good look at everything when taking these photos. The spray will probably be my favorite, but I’m intrigued to try the highlighting stick and eye shadows…

Thank you again to these lovely ladies for having these giveaways on your blogs and for blessing me with such fantastic boxes of stuff! If you all haven’t checked them out, please do & everyone hang around for when my giveaway debuts- hopefully by the end of the year (:

41 thoughts on “Giveaways w0n

    1. That’s a great prize! I won my first ever on Instagram and got a custom soap from this really neat Etsy shop (: I ended up buying from them again later on cause I liked the product so much. Thanks for your comment, Maggie

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  1. Congrats Shannon!! That’s so cool that you’ve won two giveaways, and both from awesome ladies! Kali’s one with all the tarte products look so good. I only have a mascara from them, but it’s the best on I’ve got 😀

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