Justin’s big day


It’s finally here- Justin’s birthday post! Two Thursdays ago (August 31st), the love of my life turned 21 and you’ve already seen how we spent most of the week leading up to it. This post is all about the day of and the Friday after… 

The morning of his birthday, I made him a gluten-free funfetti cake with vanilla icing. We didn’t have any drawing icing or birthday candles, but I still made it work by shaping out the numbers 2 and 1 with his favorite cereal: frosted Cheerios 

I took a ton of pics of him opening all of his presents from me over the course of a few days in the week. I was the one who couldn’t wait for him to open them- he wanted to wait for his actual birthday. I love how happy and excited he looks in all the photos though (:  

From top to bottom, I got him a custom print of us from the professional photo shoot on the beach in NC summer 2016 which I think we’ll hang in our bathroom cause it’s small (also got a huge one from the same artist of a different picture of us to put over our bed once I get frames for all of them), a pink “daddy” hat, Pewdiepie merch, yellow denim jacket, a hand soap from B&BW in the scent “white cherry & thyme”, a Lucky Cat, and a marble case by Ideal of Sweden! 

I still kept my hair straight and we wore our matching 50-mil club shirts to dinner which was a treat from his parents at Red Lobster. Justin got the ultimate feast and a mojito as his first legal drink- solid choice. I got snow crab legs and they were delicious. He opened all his cards and we had a fun time before heading home for the night! 

The next day, Justin got all suited up in his new blazer from H&M (a gift from my dad). He looked SO handsome! I pulled my long-sleeve black bodysuit out of my closet and thank goodness it still fit cause I wanted to wear it with my olive pencil skirt. I finally dipped into Marzia’s natura palette to add more green to my look (more on that in an upcoming post). Then we were off to Tyson’s Corner for dinner at the very fancy Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The atmosphere was a bit less upscale than I expected, but it was still really nice. It was super dark (the bathroom too), but we enjoyed our evening. Justin ordered the French quarter 75 as his drink and it smelled so good. The food was incredible! We both got the filet, but mine was petite. Our appetizer was a crab stack that had avocado and mango. The side we decided on were these shoestring fries that were so crispy and yummy. They brought out a complementary dessert for his birthday too (: 

For my dessert, I went with the cheaper option of a McFlurry at McDonald’s- the M&M’s kind. Then we traveled the two hours back home and basically fell asleep right away. It was a late, but amazing night…

38 thoughts on “Justin’s big day

  1. You got him such sweet gifts. Happy birthday to Justin. H&M is really great for men’s blazers. Rui owns one that I love that we’ve bought there about 2 years ago. Girl, you look so gorgeous and sexy in your skirt. What a beautiful couple you are. Love being back at reading your posts ❀️

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    1. Chey! This is such a lovely comment, thank you for all of it (: he’s been wanting a good suit jacket from there for a while and I’m thinking of getting him another one in navy cause that color looked very sharp when he was trying them on in store. We had such a fun time dressing up for our fancy dinner! I loved matching my makeup to that skirt too- I’m hoping to find more tops to wear with it cause it’s such a fabulous piece in my wardrobe. Thank you again for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment xoxo


  2. Yesssss. I love the pewdiepie merch and the use of Marzia’s Natura pallet. I CANNOT for the life of me get the green to look good on me, but dang girl you rocked it!! I hope my 21st birthday is filled with fancy dinners and lots of presents like Justin’s was!

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    1. Own it, girl! It was such a bold color, I knew I had to tie it into my outfit in order to make it work the first time (: thank you so much for such a sweet comment. I hope mine is as well- coming up in October! Thanks again xoxo

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  3. Happy birthday, Justin! He looks so excited! I have to say he’s swaggin’ in that yellow jacket. Also, I’m absolutely in love with your makeup in the last few pics. It looks so good on you!

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  4. Awww happy belated birthday to Justin!! All of the presents you got him are so fantastic. You’re so sweet! ❀ πŸ™‚ It really sounds like you gave him an absolutely amazing birthday!

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  5. First of all, Happy Birthday to Justin! Second, OMG Pewdiepie’s merch!!
    Those were really great gifts and both of your outfits were really cute! πŸ™‚ xx


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