Influenster b0x


I downloaded an app called Influenster a short while ago and starting leaving reviews on items I have currently and even things I’ve tried in the past. This app asks you to connect to all your social media and leave reviews on things you use. Eventually you’ll get a good enough score to be considered for one of their VoxBoxes. These boxes are completely free! All you have to do is fill out a survey when you get their email and they let you know if you qualify for their current box of fun stuff. I did two surveys before I got the chance for my own box… 

It arrived at the end of August, and I was so excited to open it and see what items were included! Inside, I found some press-on nails, dry shampoo, 2 fragrances, eye/lip treatment, and a snack of sour gummy candy. I couldn’t have the candy cause it contained gluten, but Justin really liked it (: 

Close-ups of some of the products I received ^ the nail designs were super pretty, and the fact that no nail glue was required to stick these on was a big plus! 

The lip/eye cream felt so soothing, and I would love to try it weekly or even daily if I could to see continuous results. The fragrances were both by Vera Wang- I didn’t even know she had a perfume line! They came in tiny spritzer bottles for sampling and I used one each day to get the full experience. The scents are beautiful and long-lasting. I loved them so much that I put them on my birthday list (: 

Last, and certainly not least, was the dry shampoo. I had never tried one before, but was very intrigued as I wanted to straighten my hair for a few days the week after receiving the box and thought it the perfect opportunity to test it out! This stuff smells amazing by the way- not only that, but it made my hair feel instantly healthier after the second and third days straight going without a wet wash. I will definitely be buying this again when I run out cause I enjoy having my hair straight in the fall/winter months (: 

*reminder: I got everything in this box for free from Influenster. If you’d like the chance to have free products sent to you to review, download the app and start connecting your social media accounts today!

55 thoughts on “Influenster b0x

  1. Wow this box is such a cool idea – will definitely be looking into it, especially as I have also never tried dry shampoo before but heard good things about them. I love the fact that you get snacks as well because who doesn’t love free food 😉

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      1. Oh man, I know they sell this one at CVS and the box even gave like a $2 coupon or something haha still not sure how much it costs. If it’s overpriced, I will have to live without it (til I get another sample). I don’t style my hair TOO often anyways- hope you find one that isn’t crazy pricey!

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