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Back again pretty quick as I’ve finally got all my pictures edited and collaged together for upcoming posts after a real busy week. This one is going to be a short & sweet rundown of some beauty products I’ve been using in the month of September so far: 

The first few things I’m gonna show you are from the brand Winky Lux which I absolutely adore after finding them through Marzia’s collab for her Natura palette. The top product is actually a gloss I received for free as the company’s way of compensating me for the late delivery of my order- which was the eyeshadow palette shown and spoken about previously. I also ordered Marzia’s lip kit which I used the shade Corallo for the first look ^ and use the shade Stella Marina quite frequently, so I’m sure you’ve seen it in my older posts. The lip products are excellent and as for my first use of the shadow? I love it! I put together a very simple cat eye + pop of color using the olive green to match the outfit I wore for Justin’s birthday dinner. I was impressed by the quality of the product and surprised by how much I liked the green on myself as it isn’t a color I’ve played around with too much. I’m definitely looking forward to trying the other shades in the palette soon- maybe for my own birthday coming up… 

I don’t wear face makeup, but even after just the eye shadow I felt my skin needed a deep clean. Justin and I love using face masks to pamper (and be silly), so I picked us up some more from YesTo! He got the coconut clay one and didn’t want to use it when I did mine, but I still took selfies cause he’s super cute and I looked hilarious. I chose the cotton one for sensitive skin and it smells so good OMG and of course, the feeling was incredible. My skin felt brand new after using this mask. If you haven’t tried any of YesTo’s products, I recommend (all of them) this mask should be your stepping stone into the wonderful world that is this brand… 

Sort of still in the beauty category, I finally got to re-organizing my nail polishes and throwing out the ones that were either empty or too old to even use. I then did my best to file them away as systematically as I could. I used to have them by color, but decided to pick out the ones I wanted to use in the fall/winter ^ the last collage. I put those to the front and all the rest in the back. So it’s seasonally organized now and I feel a lot better knowing I won’t pull a little bottle out excited about the color only to be disappointed that it’s empty or all dried up! 

Lastly, a hair update: I’m still growing it out. This is the length now ^ it was difficult for me to set up my phone to take a timed photo and get it all to fit in the frame, but Justin stepped up to take a picture for me before I was about to wash away the straight. It still takes me about 10 minutes to get a brush through all the tangles, even after double conditioning- but I’m not ready to cut it yet! My goal is for it to be to my waist before I do the “big chop” and opt for long layers. Right now, I’m trying to get it all to one length and only getting the dead ends trimmed every few months. I love straightening my hair in the fall/winter months when the humidity isn’t AS bad to make it frizz like crazy, so hopefully I can keep it healthy during that process. Any tips for growing your hair out? Lemme know in the comments (: 

What are your favorite beauty products for the fall/winter? Do you go for darker colors in makeup and nail polish?

53 thoughts on “Beauty lately

    1. I wish I could cut it that short and have it look nice! The reason I’m growing it out is to weight out the crazy curls. When my hair is anywhere above my shoulders, it’s like an Afro haha and that’s not a good look for me (: I might consider bangs though- thanks for the suggestion

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  1. You have so many nail polishes, I love it!! I used to be crazy about them but lately I stopped.
    I love long hair, mine is as well, and your hair color is actually pretty!(hope it isn’t weird to say, ahah).

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    1. That’s what makes me wanna shave my head sometimes. My hair is crazy thick and (before it was grown out) really curly. Thanks so much for your kind words always, Maggie! I’ve collected those polishes over a long time and from stores, my mom, sisters, etc. it felt good to weed out all the “too old” bottles haha


      1. Oh I totally know what you mean! Mine will get a tiny crack in the edge and snag on everything til I get frustrated enough and just cut them all haha


  2. Wow, your nail polishes are so organized! I love it! And your hair is super pretty. Mine is past my waist now and I told myself I’d cut it once it did, too but I just can’t bring myself to actually do so. Lol.

    I’m not sure how my hair grows so fast but it won’t stop! lol I wish I had all these stellar tips to give you but the best tip I can think of is never blow-dry your hair!

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    1. Oh you’re gonna laugh at me when I tell you- I CAN’T blow dry my hair. I’ve tried in the past and idk if I’m just uncoordinated in that way, but it was a hot mess (literally). Thank you for that tip though and the compliments (: they’re all appreciated xoxo

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  3. My hair is about the same length as yours, but my ends are so incredibly dry and gross looking. I’m going to need to cut several inches off soon.

    I’ve never heard of WinkyLux, but those products look super. Face masks are always fun too. I use several per week.

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    1. Thank you! I donated 11 inches way back when I was in middle school and that put my hair about shoulder length (which does NOT work well for me). I would definitely like to do that again, but I’d wait til it was much longer so when I did the chop- it wouldn’t be as short!

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