Field Day of the Past


I’m playing a constant game of catch-up on my blog lately, but we’ve been up to some fun stuff! Last weekend we had time off and spent the first day at a little fair called Field Day of the Past about an hour away. It showcases a lot of old Virginia history like cars, shops, farming, and music! Join us on our second year going… 

We got up sorta early and after getting ready and on the road, arrived at the event around noon. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been told what month or season we’re in cause it was still sweltering out! I was in a tee shirt and some pretty thin leggings, but still managed to break a sweat easily in the sun. Luckily, the clouds were blocking it every couple minutes or so, which offered a bit of relief…

Of course, we headed straight for the animals as soon as we got in the gates. They had alpacas, all kinds of birds, pigs, goats and sheep, cows, horses, bunnies, and mules! The cows were my favorite (obviously), but they were all so sweet and soft that we came back to see them again during the end of the day (: 

We started to get hungry about two hours in, so we got some lunch from the food stand and rested our feet for a while. Once we were off again, we went to see all the old cars. We took a walk through one of the buildings to see the bigger machines used for agriculture back in the day! We even typed on some old typewriters and got Cheerwine to celebrate our lovely day together- the tradition has begun as its our second year in a row coming out here (: 

Picked up a cute cow poster for our blank canvas of a kitchen for only $3 and headed to World Market to make our own 6-pack of beer singles. I’m not into beer, but now that Justin is 21 he wanted to try a couple different kinds (although I stole the Original Sin one from him). I opted for a mojito wine instead of sangria for our bigger purchase, which ended up being a gross mistake- but it was only $11 so I wasn’t too upset. Next time, I’ll know better (: 

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