A review f0r Hailey


Today’s post is something different, something I’ve never tried before, and something I’d like feedback on if you all would be so kind. In a strange way, I’m asking for a review of my review… 

During this summer, I read a post here on WordPress about an 18-year old girl who had her work published after entering many writings into many contests. I was astounded by her story and intrigued by her talent. As soon as she let the word out that her book was available for purchase, I got myself a copy. 

Hope is the Thing with Feathers is a short story by Hailey Hudson about a young Jewish girl trying to find the light and keep hope in her heart during the transition into a concentration camp with her family. This story was so wonderfully well-written for such a young author that again, I was taken aback. In an almost poetic way, Hailey describes the scenery and the girl’s emotions in such detail to give you an image in mind while you’re reading. That’s an element I find very important when taking in any work of writing- especially those without any visual aids. 

The length of this was somehow perfect. I liked that I could sit down and read it in one sitting, even though I wanted more. I do look forward to more of Hailey’s work being published as I’m sure it will be through her passion for literature and wonderful skill for story-telling. I highly recommend Hope is the Thing with Feathers to anyone looking for something to read and someone to support! 

Hailey even sent me a card with my copy of her book, so I wanted to do my best on this review in hopes I can show my gratitude back to her for being so sweet. I hope you’ll all take a look at her blog and her first published work (: 

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15 thoughts on “A review f0r Hailey

  1. Seeing this in my inbox made me smile SO big! Thank you again for buying + reviewing it! I love that you mentioned the details and the image in your mind–that was something that I really tried to produce by using all five senses, so I’m glad it worked. 🙂 Yay!

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