September fav0rites


This month somehow managed to zoom by quicker than August, but I got my faves together with a little more finesse than last time. Although, I didn’t get into TOO many new products this month- our matching fortunes were indeed correct! 

In food this month, some pretty fab picks! Starting at the top: my handsome grocery shopping partner helping us stock up our fridge for good eats all September, then a few pics of what we made with it including a new take on the classic hamburger- went sweeter by using hummus, apples, avocado, and spinach. Breakfast when we don’t work til later on in the day is always bigger and better. Update: babe is getting AMAZING at making fish! We have an Asian restaurant in the area that delivers sushi and it will be the death of us, but I couldn’t be happier. Justin and I “tried” to find some faves when we went to World Market to build our own 6 pack (to not much avail). Then of course- my new favorite spot to stop for a cup of oolong and a macaroon The Tottering Teacup ^ 

In beauty/style this month, we thought it would’ve been a transition to autumn, but the weather decided it wanted more summer. I played around with my big flannel for a quirky look that I can’t wear just yet. My favorite thing for my hair in September was deep conditioning and letting it air-dry while I have time off work! It’s felt so soft and I can’t wait to have less frizz in FALL. I mentioned my Winky Lux lip gloss in a previous post cause I loooooove it (: and as always YesTo is the best brand for skincare, their masks especially to pamper… 

FAVE nail color ^ dove into my fall collection of polishes recently with this perfect burnt orange (it looks less red in person). I’m hoping it lasts all the way through my birthday mini-vacation cause we have so much planned I’m sure I won’t have time to repaint them… 

I guess I could categorize these as media ^ as a pharmacy technician, I have to renew my license every year and with that- I have to complete a certain number of hours of “continued education” which are basically articles with questions to answer at the end. I then send in my results and fill out a form to reinstate my certification for another year. I ended up finishing all of them in one night at work when we were super slow (win). Also, Justin and I saw Felix & Marzia both posted videos of them taking personality tests, so we did them ourselves and my result was ISFJ (108% introverted). I can’t be the only one who loves doing those quizzes and stuff online when you’re bored. My favorite book this month was Hailey’s short story Hope is the Thing with Feathers. Check out my review: A review for Hailey I also picked up American Assassin which I really wanted to see at CineBistro for my birthday, but unfortunately, they took it out of the theater only two weeks after it debuted. I’ll settle for reading the book first and grab it on DVD later on. Would you guys be interested in a review of it when I’m finished? 

Favorite trips this month ^ Field day 0f the past for the second year in a row and a visit back to my hometown! Also, thought you guys would like to see what the neighborhood kitties have been up to (: 

Online shopping and getting gifts for people (Christmas is coming) are always faves for me, but this month I found some excellent buys. At the top, I picked out a few makeup items from Tarte’s holiday collection for my girl friends ^ walked past the PokΓ©mon monopoly game at a toy store recently and thought it would be a perfect choice for my main man. Look at that sweet smile (: we pulled some awesome cards this month as well (the big boxes were 50% off at a local store). The shirt pictured above is on its way to my door as I’m typing this. It’s estimated to arrive ON my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited- babe’s first gift to meeeeee! 

Ultimate favorite of the month: napping

42 thoughts on “September fav0rites

  1. Wow, you made my hungry! The food looks lovely, it surely tastes lovely as well πŸ˜€ And your nails look soo good! I cannot make my nails so good looking, it’s just not in my power. πŸ˜€

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    1. We are slowly but surely mastering the cooking arts haha I appreciate the support on that front! I guess the same can be said for my nails (: it’s been a long time coming, but practice really does make perfect

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      1. Our footy season ended here yesterday. Spring racing carnival is fun in this city now. Gold in dem hills.
        Planning and structuring next post for the history aspect of the current blog.
        You poms are a good chance of winning the ashes over here

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  2. I remember my professor had our class take the ISFJ test at one point. It was pretty interesting and if I remember correctly, pretty accurate. I love taking personality tests and quizzes like that! I know after dental school I also have to keep up with CE courses. I think they are something like programs offered in various locations around the US. I figured I’d make it a vacation each time I go haha Your life looks so relaxing and cozy πŸ˜€ I can’t wait for fall to really be here since we just started to get cool, crisp weather! And as always, I adore your eyeliner skills ❀

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    1. Thanks a bunch! It was hiding in a little set of minis that I got for Christmas last year, so I’m not sure what it’s called. It was a limited edition pack- doubt they even exist as full size polishes unfortunately. Hope you can find a good dupe (:

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    1. Thank YOU πŸ™‹πŸ» I’m slowly getting better at doing my nails, but I still can’t paint my toenails for the life of me! They’re so tiny I just get the polish all over my feet haha most of the time I paint them once and leave it on til it all chips off πŸ˜‚ thanks so much for your comment xoxo

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