State fair 0f VA


The first day of my birthWEEK (our requested time off from work) was last Saturday. Justin received two tickets to the state fair from his parents for his birthday, so we decided September 30th would be the day we’d go! 

We hopped in the car and headed out to Doswell (about a half hour from us). Justin’s family were going then too, so we managed to meet up with them a few times throughout the day. We took pictures on the big, green tractor! He looked super handsome in his new mustard colored over-shirt from American Eagle. I had a different outfit in mind for the trip, but babe surprised me with some Idubbbz merch. It says “hey, that’s pretty good” on the front (: 

We followed Justin’s parents and brother through the big tunnel. After walking through the crowds, we found a place to grab good eats and sat down to have lunch. We went inside the farm bureau building which includes tons of vendors with their products/services set up in various stalls. We got fudge! There were some wild merchants, but the giant leather section was LIT as it is every year. They had a ton of fanny packs and a tiny, red purse ^ after that, we took some photos outside in the gorgeous lighting. Doesn’t he look so “fall” and like a model? 

On to the agriculture building and big tent! We saw tons of plants. I ended up getting a jar of orange marmalade after trying a sample that was absolutely delicious, and I wanted babe to get honey- but we had enough at home. There was also a little lavender stall that had a ton of products, but they were quite expensive tbh. There was even a stand with vinegar sodas that weren’t really that bad ^ under the tent, there were so many veggies! Such beautifully cultivated plants… 

We saw our favorite kind of cow! We waited around just watching it for quite some time to see if it would come close enough to touch, but she was a bit shy. The other cow in the pen was a boy, and he was friendly enough to let us pet him. More photos ops along the way as we walked around the fair ^ including the big LOVE sign. Justin got to see some giant pumpkins too (: 

By about 4 or 5 we were ready to pop a squat and chill for a few. We took our annual selfie where we first met ^ this is our fourth year at the fair together. I put my hat on by this time in the day cause the wind had just whipped it into a mess. Also picked up a pretty neat Mountain Dew growler (but filled it with Sprite). We were on our way out when we saw something that made the entire day worth it- a baby cow to pet! It was so sweet and leaned up against me when I was touching it. I wanted to cry and take it home with us… 

On the way home, we stopped at Cabela’s cause babe wanted to look at the guns. He looks so hot with one, but we definitely don’t need anything at the moment (way too much money). I hid in a safe, cause I thought it was funny that I could fit in it LOL and we sat on the ATVs outside- which he didn’t want to get off of. A quick pit stop at World Market to get more orange marmalade to marinate chicken for Monday night. I didn’t want to use the jar from the fair cause I knew we’d need a lot and it was so yummy I wanted to keep it for other little bites back at our place. 

This was the first day and activity of my birthWEEK (: hope you all enjoyed the pictures and my commentary. I have to work quite a lot this weekend, but I’ll try to post what we were up to last Sunday & Monday as soon as I can. If you have any questions or comments, always feel free to chat with me! 

14 thoughts on “State fair 0f VA

  1. Amazing photos, everything looks so autumnal. Also, your boyfriend’s jacket colour is very appropriate for this time of the year. πŸ˜€ Glad you had a fun day, guys! πŸ™‚

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