Apples, sunshine, and a pizza pie


On to day two of my birth-week celebration! My family and I used to go to Carter Mountain orchard every year around my birthday as a tradition, and as we’ve all grown up- we haven’t been able to keep up with it as much. Justin first asked me to be his girlfriend officially here, sitting with the pumpkins on October 21st 2015 so it’s a special place for me in many ways… 

When my mom asked me what I wanted to do with her and my sister for my birthday, I first said I wanted us all to go to the zoo together. Unfortunately, they aren’t open on Sundays, so she chose apple picking instead. I was happy with this decision cause I thought we would only get to go later in the season, but there are way more apples right now! 

Babe made eggs and I had my orange marmalade on toast- so yummy (: then we headed out west to meet up with the girls at the top of the mountain. It was an incredibly beautiful day as we were blessed with continued fair weather. He donned his new over-shirt again cause why not? He rocks it! We both wore boots, and I chose leggings as usual for this trip. I wore my new top from Kohl’s and the other color cardigan I picked up from there as well. The look couldn’t be complete without a fanny pack (would steal my mom’s to use before I had my own). Justin surprised me with this black nylon one from Urban Outfitters while we were getting ready to leave the house that morning. I love it! 

We picked and plucked our way through the trees and tried not to slip and die on all the mushed apples on the ground! Mom forgot to bring a knife, so Justin wiped the fruit on his shirt and bit right in. Scrumptious and sweet Jonagold and some perfect Golden Delicious- these were the types we were mainly after. Back in the day we’d fill the trunk of the car/van up with bags upon bags of apples because mom would use them to make tons of pies, but now we only needed a bag or two… 

To round out the trip, Justin and I weighed our bag in at around 5 pounds. We bought burgers for lunch from the barn ^ you can see all the donuts they had made in the back. He got his beloved apple cider and was lovely enough to take a bunch of pictures of me in my “feelin’ myself” outfit of the day! Such a sweetheart and supporter (: we took some last minute pictures by the pumpkins and packed into the car for home. Mom and my sister would meet us there to see our apartment for the first time… 

We showed them our place and I opened my presents (which will collectively be in a separate post): a lamp for our living room, Vera Wang Embrace perfume, and some goodies from B&BW. I had a few minutes before they arrived to take a few in-house selfies for the sake of blogging. Then back into the car, carpooling this time, to dinner! Silly selfies (: 

My choice for our evening meal was a pizza place we hadn’t been to before, but I read they offered gluten-free crust, called Bottoms Up. It was a really neat place and the food was very good! I had to order an entire pie to get the gluten-free option, but I didn’t mind the leftovers at all. Mom got a white pizza, my sister got plain cheese, and Justin got a sandwich. He was still looking hella handsome in that mustard color πŸ˜‰ I got my picture taken under the flood line from 2004 before we left. I wanted to surprise them all by taking them to The Tottering Teacup for macarons after, but when we got there- the machine for making them was broken. I was upset, but luckily, there’s a lot of yummy treats on Cary Street. We walked down to Carytown Cupcakes to see what gluten-free flavors they had that day. Unfortunately, this was another dud. They only had caramel and PB&J which I don’t like either of. I was about to give up dessert when Justin showed me they had a cooler full of ice pops! I was relieved to say the least and the ice cream was fantastic. They all got cupcakes and enjoyed them, so I was double-happy (: 

I had changed into the purple version of the shirt I had on earlier and into a new pair of pants from my recent Kohl’s outing (haul/lookbook will be a separate post). They have embroidery on the sides, but I doubt you can really see it in these pictures. We said our goodbyes after bringing them back to their car. Justin and I put together our new lamp that evening and enjoyed the better living room lighting… 

This concludes day two. Hope you all had a fun time coming along this trip with us through photos and loooooong captions! See ya soon for day 3 which was the day before my birthday (:

23 thoughts on “Apples, sunshine, and a pizza pie

  1. Ahh apple picking sounds so much fun! We can’t do that here in finland since we don’t have those huge areas with apple trees, everyone just owns their own trees 😁 And damn your pizzas looked so delicious! I am glad you had so much fun and good time!! xx

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