Autumn l00kb00k


You might get a bit of déjà vu when scrolling through this post because almost all of these outfits were already showcased in previous posts from my birthWEEK (: 

The first outfit is super casual: just a tee shirt and jeans with sneakers ^ I also brought one of my cardigans along to keep me warm. I decided to go with a contrasting color, and I really like how it ended up looking! Kind of like the green leaves changing to red and other shades… I wore my aviators cause I thought they looked a touch less fancy than my normal sunglasses which are cat eye shape. The shirt is from under the Idubbbz merch, the cardigan and jeans are both from Kohl’s, and the shoes are Yeezy V2s from which you all know is my favorite site to buy shoes from (second edition post is in the making while I wait for a few other pairs). I also wore my mini-backpack instead of bringing a purse to keep it even MORE casual!

For this same day, Justin’s outfit was also quite laid back. He rocked the tee shirt and jeans look with Yeezy’s from Godsey Supply as well! You’ll be seeing that mustard overshirt from American Eagle a lot too- he loves it and with good reason. It’s perfect! He wore his Persol sunglasses that I got him for his birthday this year which are a beautiful Carmel color. They go really well with the rest of his outfit… 

In these outfits, we both wore brown boots. Justin donned his overshirt again with a cream-colored thermal and dark wash jeans. I wore more from my Kohl’s haul including another cardigan and this orange sweater-material tank top with a cutout. I paired it with a classic pair of black leggings to tie together the perfect fall look! I also strapped on my fanny pack for easy access to my phone during the day. Wearing my everyday sunglasses made this look a bit more feminine (: 

The cardigan was back, but not for long! This outfit was great on a bit warmer of days since the tee shirt was light and the joggers were breathable. I kept to warm tones in this look and wore even MORE from my recent Kohl’s haul. The top and bottoms are both from there, and the little Ked’s dupes are from Target. These shoes are ideal for a short trip kind of day cause they’re pretty thin (: I also wore a small necklace to combat the empty space the v-neck left and it went well with the floral pattern of my shirt. 

Another one of my favorite outfits for a warmer fall day is this lovely purple dress from Kohl’s. I wore some white sandals with it to match the white details in the pattern of the dress. I also put on a berry lipstick with this look to add a bit more fanciness (: 

One of the warmest days we’ve had so far this fall had Justin in shorts and me in spaghetti straps! He wore a full solid outfit of green and blue which I thought he pulled off incredibly well. Slides can still be worn in the autumn months with a little help from matching socks. In this look, I paired one of my new brown lipsticks with my brown sandals. I wore my orange bralette from Victoria’s Secret underneath a tiny tank that was a hand-me-down from my sister (sorry idk where she got it). I wanted to keep this look pretty neutral while still dressing it up a bit, so I decided to wear my khaki tied pants from H&M which happened to match my Coach bag wonderfully! 

For this last look, I didn’t have the right shoes- so try to ignore how weird the boots look with the rest of it. Another gem from Kohl’s: these purple floral flared pants! Justin insisted I get them once he saw them on me, so I bought this shirt to make sure I had at least ONE thing to wear them with. It so happened to be cooler out the other day and this is the first outfit that came to my mind. I went with a solid top for obvious reasons, matching it to a detail in the pants. These pants are maybe the softest clothing item I own right now. I’m really looking for a pair of boots or flats that are a plum color (like my cardigan) to go with this look cause I definitely want to rock it again! 

I know a lot of this might’ve seemed redudndant, but after getting a bunch of fall clothes from Kohl’s, I wanted to do something different than just a normal “haul” post. This is my first try at a lookbook, so please be kind! Hope you all enjoyed these looks. Let me know in the comments which was your favorite? What fall essential (fashion-wise) are you still shopping around for?

39 thoughts on “Autumn l00kb00k

    1. I’m sure when we are more money-stable we’ll try something like that (: I really have TOO many clothes right now. We’re going to donate a bunch of our old stuff to Salvation Army at the end of the year! I’m happy you liked the post though, and thanks so much for the suggestion. I’ll totally keep it in mind for the future xoxo

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  1. All these outfits are very cute! My favorite has to be the second one you wore-tops with cutouts are always cute, and together that whole look was very effortlessly chic. (: 💕

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  2. Your beige pants look like a perfect fit and then there’s the color of the other drawstring pair. I love drawstring and I’m wearing some as I type this, lol. I’d totally rock those stretchy floral pants all the time. Justin’s fall outfit with the lace up boots is really cute. It’s a great look for him, cool and laid back.


      1. Oh my goodness, Kitty, it’s so sweet to hear you say that. If anything I should be thanking you for your support! You’re looking beautiful as ever, and seeing you and the mister always makes me smile. Btw, Daisy the cat has been letting me rub her today! Now she doesn’t want it to end. I might post it on IG in a bit. 😄

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