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As you might’ve seen in my “gifts” post, I was blessed with the opportunity (and wonderful boyfriend) to pick out a few things from Sephora for my birthday. I chose 3 brown-ish lipsticks to try out as I’ve seen the shade a lot, really liked how it looked, but never had anything myself. Now that I’ve had the chance to try out each of these, I figured I’d share my experiences with you all for my first ever lipstick reviews: 

^ Clinique- chubby stick in “graped-up” 

I’ve had lots of experience with these before, and I can still say that I love this product! Any shade is perfect solely because it wears so well…

Transfer proof: no 

Since it’s more of a balm there’s definitely going to be somewhat of a gloss showing up on your man’s cheek or your table napkin

Food proof 5/10 

The texture/color is partially faded after eating, but you can still tell lipstick had been applied before

Kiss proof 5/10 

Again, the texture/color ends up faded a bit 

Application 9/10 

Always smooth, and you don’t even need a mirror because it’s more of a balm

Texture 10/10 

I will preach this forever! It’s the best feeling lipstick (if you can call it that) I’ve ever put on

Color 7/10 

Some of the more “intense” shades of chubby sticks can glide on over your everyday lip balm and still show high pigmented color, but this one is a bit more subtle. Applied on clean/dry lips, the color is definitely more vibrant- I was hoping for a browner shade, but this is more on the red end of the spectrum

Longevity 9/10 

Without eating or giving kisses, this product will last all day long

Packaging 10/10 

Pretty and floral

Price 8/10 

At $17.50 these are expensive for a lip balm, but cheap for a lip stick- so I’d say they’re a fair price! 

Overall I was happy with it as I’d wear any color from this product line, but I do wish it was a bit more brown and a bit more pigmented. I’ll see what other colors are available next time I pop in (: 

^ Smashbox- be legendary lipstick in “cognac”

My first ever experience with this brand, but I’d heard good things- which is what led me to look for a shade from their collection at Sephora…

Transfer proof: no 

Still showed up on Justin’s mouth when I gave him a smooch

Food proof: no 

Pretty much all gone after a meal

Kiss proof 5/10 

Some color was left, but the shine was gone

Application 7.5/10 

This one also needs to be applied before an everyday lip balm as the product won’t really stay on if there’s anything underneath

Texture 8.5/10 

What I would consider “normal” lipstick consistency. This product has a lovely shine and non-drying feel 

Color 7/10 

I was expecting this to be more brown based on the name which describes an almost Carmel color, but again it’s really a red lipstick

Longevity 8/10 

This doesn’t fade too much

Packaging 10/10 

I adore the “box” case of this to go along with the brand name. Clever

Price 6/10 

I wouldn’t have bought this on my own, because it’s over $20 (only by a buck). As a birthday gift though? I was excited to try it! 

Overall thoughts on this one were great. I’ll obviously wear it again, but I wish it showed up more brown- I don’t think red is the best color on me as far as lipsticks go…

^ Make Up For Ever- artist rouge mat “M103”

I cannot express how much I fell in love with this lipstick! Just look how perfect that color is…

Transfer proof: no 

Even though it’s considered “matte” the color still moves onto skin slightly 

Food proof: no 

This one was all but gone after I finished my tacos, but I was happy to re-apply 

Kiss proof: yes 

It stays on my lips after, but also on his…

Application 6/10 

This lipstick slapped me in the face with the realization: in need of a lip-liner! My lips aren’t too well defined, so I’m sure it would’ve been MUCH easier to apply this if I had a matching liner on first 

Texture 7/10 

Of course this formula is semi-drying due to its matte consistency, but it doesn’t make my lips looked cracked or feel disgusting like some other ones I’ve tried. This applies perfectly over an everyday balm to lock in more moisture first

Color 10/10 

Obviously. THIS is the brown I was looking for all along! It’s still not completely brown, but I didn’t want to get something that made me look chocolate-stained

Longevity 9/10 

I didn’t see any fading in this one 

Packaging 10/10 

I love the “shotgun shell” look of the case and feel of the quality materials used

Price 10/10 

The only reason I can give such a good score for this category is because it was on sale: $12 instead of the original $22 

Overall, this was the winner of the three. I’ve already worn it on more than one occasion, and I see myself wearing it all fall long! I’d venture to say it’s a lipstick for every season as I’ve found my favorite (: 

Which one did you like most? Have you tried any of these brands? What’s your go-to autumn lipstick? How did I do on my first reviews? (: let me know your thoughts in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Lipstick reviews

  1. I definitely thought the last one looked best on you! And based on your reviews, if I were to try one Iโ€™d want to try that lol. I donโ€™t wear a lot of makeup, so I donโ€™t have that much experience trying so many lipsticks. I have been wanting to get a nice brown shade though!

    Lovely review, though โ˜บ๏ธ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for this sweet comment, so genuine! I’d recommend the Clinique one to you though (: the best starter “lipstick” cause it’s really more of a tinted balm. It feels incredible haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never tried a brown lipstick but they look really good on you! Its got me curious. But also, I loved your reviews! They’re very practical, especially since you rate how well they stay after food or giving smooches ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Liked by 2 people

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