The time has arrived to reveal the preparations for our upcoming get-together! We’re celebrating a few things on one night: Halloween, first “party” at our apartment, and the birthdays of my girl friend & I (mine was the 3rd and hers is in November). We wanted to do something in between because we couldn’t plan anything for those actual days… 

Justin and I went to a few different stores to stock up on decorations, costume stuff, and refreshments. World Market was one of the places we stopped at (mainly for alcohol, snacks, and birthday presents for Kaila). Then we got all our decor for the party/season at Target which was a lot of fun ^ as you can see! Justin didn’t get that funny mask, but the hat I tried on is going to be part of his costume. Fortunately, he’s got 99% of the clothes needed to be a farmer…

It’s time to get SPOOPY in here!

I had such a blast decorating our apartment with all the stuff we picked up and Justin was so sweet to help me with it ^ there was a lot to hang that ended up being a challenge for me due to the height. We got these cool, metal gravestones on a chain to hang in the hallway + a black cat bottle of Riesling. I love the purple string lights, but I’m still not sure where I want to put them. My favorite item we got was the jack-o-lantern/wizard I set up on the entertainment center! It’s super cute and festive. We also got a very nice “Happy Halloween” banner to hang over the windows + a frog skeleton and a metallic SPOOKY sign for our mantle. With our trip to the ABC store, we are definitely set on alcohol for a while! Justin and I had a ton of fun putting up the window clings to really bring it all together (: 

^ sleepy corgi tee I won from a giveaway ^
I’m not going to reveal my entire costume just yet, but it’s clear I’m going to be a sweet brown cow (along with my farmer boyfriend). I took the udders from a dog costume and glued them to my shirt. I might keep the bell as an addition to my final costume, but I made the ears on my own headband to match the rest of the color scheme. I used two different shades of felt ^ I’m still working on how I want to adhere them, so it’s not all done at this moment. I bought fake eyelashes too, but I’ve never used them before… so I have no idea how well that’s gonna work LOL 

Stay tuned for more on how our party goes!

20 thoughts on “Hall0ween-y

  1. Ahh!! My favorite are the window clings and the black RIP tombstones decoration! The costume is so cute, can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s finished!! And good luck with eyelashes–I’ve never been able to figure those things out!

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    1. I adore the window clings as well- think I might get a set for every occasion (: I tried the eyelashes only once before (a few years ago) and couldn’t get them to work for the life of me haha so thanks for the well wishes on that note!

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  2. I love all the decorations you guys got! Looks like you went all out, I love it! What a cute costume idea, I can’t wait to see the final version of it! I’ve also never worn fake eyelashes either, but they do look so pretty when they’re on right. I almost bought some for my costume, but I’ll be on limited time as it is to get ready, and I don’t know how long it would take me to figure them out 😂 can’t wait to see how your party turns out!

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