Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Last Saturday, Justin and I celebrated our two-year anniversary! We didn’t do anything lavish or fancy like last year, but that’s because our biggest gift to each other is being able to live together (: 

The morning started with gluten-free pancakes (made by chef handsome), orange marmalade, and makeshift mimosas (made by me) & breakfast was accompanied by little blue packages! Of course we still got each other something special to commemorate the day and our relationship… 

^ matching promise rings from the Atlas collection at Tiffany & co. ^ Look how gorgeous he is!

We relaxed for the better half of the day, and then went out to do all our laundry. I suggested we make a really nice meal at home together since we’d been going out to expensive dinners recently for our birthdays. Justin (being the sweetheart he is) picked up everything a few days prior. Once we got back to the apartment, we started it up!

My whole wide world ^

Justin was the mastermind behind our dinner, so he started working on his steaks right away with all the seasonings and mushrooms to add flavor. I made us some mixed drinks of orange juice, mango juice, and a splash of pink lemonde vodka + a spinach salad that included some raw mushrooms and chopped up apples from the orchard! I put ginger dressing on top and let it soak in while the meat was cooking. About 5 minutes before they were ready, I popped in some couscous to steam… 

He’s such a dreamboat ^

It all came out incredible! Just like a meal from a fine dining restaurant. Babe did an amazing job with the steaks, and the sides matched up perfectly. We enjoyed our dinner and drinks while watching Netflix (:

We were both surprised to find a little gift Justin had ordered from Marzia’s website around a month ago in our mailbox- it’s her forest creature Saku on a popsocket. My very first one and I love it (: it’s adorable and goes so well with my lavender case. I’m such a lucky girl to have this kind & caring man who’s always thinking of something to make me smile. The rest of our evening was spent generally goofing off and giggling at silly videos, memes, and compilations on YouTube. All in all it was a perfect anniversary because we got to spend every minute together, and that’s what makes us the happiest! 

I’m so beyond in love with this man. I made a promise to him over two years ago to be loyal & loving and I intend to keep it forever. Now we get to show everyone that promise with our lovely new rings, and another year of wonderful adventures is ahead of us! I cannot express how grateful I am to be with someone who’s so charming, hilarious, intelligent, handsome, and passionate. I could go on for a lifetime, and I plan to…

28 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  1. Those rings are really really beautiful! You both look so much in love with each otherπŸ’œπŸ’œ And that drink you made with vodka looks good😍

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    1. Thank you (: there were so many gorgeous ones to choose from, but we thought the Atlas collection was perfect for promise rings (because of the clock-like design). Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

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      1. Clock-like design celebrates the two beautiful years of your relationship and so many more to come! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’‘

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  2. You guys are relationship goals, sooo cute! These food pictures made me so hungry… πŸ˜€ And again, the forest creature… I can’t handle the cuteness, haha πŸ˜€

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  3. Awww you guys are so flipping adorable!! πŸ’œπŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ it’s so great that you both have this strong relationship where you’re open with each other and do everything together. And those rings are beautiful. Happy two years!

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    1. We started our relationship completely open & honest, and it’s stayed that way which is such a blessing! It’s amazing to find someone you can be totally yourself with (: thanks for commenting xoxo

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      1. That’s amazing! I’m glad you guys have stuck through with that (: it really is rare to find! But the best relationships come from being open and honest with each other. And you’re welcome ☺️

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