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It’s taken me ages to get this post up mainly because there were so many photos taken on Halloween, but also cause I’ve been working non-stop since. Nevertheless, the time has finally come to unveil all the fun we got up to this spooky day (a whole week ago). Happy November btw! 

Since our get-together didn’t start til 7, Justin and I had some time to run a few errands before we welcomed our guests. First on the list was to get ready for the day! We dressed in our most festive non-costume attire and took lots of pictures. I picked out a perfectly pumpkin-colored top, some black leggings, my witchiest kimono, and a bunch of jewelry while my stylish boyfriend opted for a mustard shirt in waffle pattern that looks SO good on him (: and of course to pull it all together, his very Halloween-y beluga Yeezy’s  

We went to the bank to sort out my new checkings & savings accounts, then swung over to our property office to pay rent for November. Then it was back to the apartment to clean and set up the party! 

The cleaning took forever, but when we were done- the place looked spotless! Besides our bedroom, cause that’s where we stored all the stuff we would normally have laying around in the living room lol but the setting up part was simple since we already had most of the decorations up. I added a few touches like putting the purple string lights on the back of the couch, filling a little bowl with candy pumpkins, and moving the gravestone chain to our closet door. Babe was such an amazing help with getting everything ready for our party and I really appreciate him (: 

Next, it was time to start putting on makeup for my costume. I broke out the Tarte palette I received in Kali’s giveaway and mixed a few shades for a brown smokey eye ^ grace, shake it off, and respect (to be exact). I’m not the best at using eyeshadow, but I really like the way these came together. The hardest part was indeed the fake eyelashes as expected. It took me three tries to get them on good enough…not perfect, but at that point- I didn’t want to redo them AGAIN lol 

Then I added my headband with handmade felt ears attached, a cowbell necklace, an eyeliner nose, and topped it off with my favorite brown lipstick by Make Up For Ever! The nose ended up changing shape cause I didn’t make it wide enough IMO to be a good “cow” nose ^ but I like the way it turned out the second time around (: 

The completed costumes ^ yes, I know, the udders pull my shirt out and totally make me look fat/pregnant! That sock I tucked in the back for a tail eventually fell into the toilet when I went to pee later on in the evening LOL can we just appreciate how sexy my man looks as a farmer? I know it isn’t too far of a stretch from his “normal” clothes, but I think that’s why he looks so HOT (: that hat on him is perfect and we fashioned a makeshift belt buckle together out of craft foam and foil… 

My girl friends arrived a bit late around 8 o’clock and we began our Halloween celebration. Since this was also a joint birthday party for Kaila and I, we exchanged a few gifts- including a bottle of the same moscato my mom gave me on my birthday (not pictured cause we drank it all), aromatherapy body lotion, cucumber clay mask, manaTEA steeper, skeleton night light, and cactus wine stopper & glass identifiers! Kaila was dressed as Meg from Hercules and Shannon (that’s my friend’s name too) was Ariel. They looked perfect! We all had dinner before the party, but I made gluten-free lemon scones and put out a big bowl of avocado popcorn & the girls brought treats of their own! Shannon made cupcakes and Kaila made s’mores dip. Justin opened the black cat bottle of Riesling which had cats on the cork- so cute, but it wasn’t very good. We had other drinks such as the moscato and my own version of a suffering bastard: ginger ale, gin, and rum. Babe ended up having a little too much of it all and spilled my drink all over the floor LOL so I stole his hat as revenge (the headband hurt after a while). We played a ton of Cards Against Humanity and I slayed everyone! We went out for a late night McDonald’s run and came back to play a bit of P.T. before the ladies had to head back home. Kaila had work early the next day, so they couldn’t stay too late…but we got a good 3-4 hours of fun and a whopping 2 trick or treaters (at one time mind you). I was disappointed in that, but I didn’t know quite what to expect as none of us had experienced Halloween at an apartment complex before. Is that normal? 

Justin and I spent the rest of the night just chilling together. I took a bunch of selfies in the purple-lit glow of the string lights and bulb we bought for above the couch while he made a very realistic version of our apartment in Minecraft! It felt so good to peel off the fake eyelashes (although I loved the way they looked) and wipe away all the eyeshadow…after washing up, we were both ready to crash. It was such a great night with awesome people and I couldn’t have been happier with our first Halloween in our own home (: 

What have you all been up to since we started November? 

39 thoughts on “0ur party

  1. You look good with the fake lashes. I still have to try to master putting them on. lol I’m glad you guys had a fun time. I laughed out loud at the part about the sock falling in the toilet. I can totally see that happening. Also, I had no idea they made an Oregon Trail card game. I used to love playing that computer game in the 90’s though.

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    1. Thank you! I asked Justin to remind me about the sock if I went to the bathroom, but I guess he forgot too- oh well haha OT is super fun, but we didn’t have time to play it when the girls were there. Maybe next time (:

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  2. Almost like I was there celebrating too seeing all the pictures and reading the story of events in detail lol. The costumes all look great you looked so cute lol. Glad you all had a great time!✨

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  3. That costume looks so adorable!!! I love it πŸ˜€ And all these decorations look pretty as well, I had a chance to decorate for Halloween as well, but we don’t really celebrate it so it wouldn’t make sense (although I might have a light-up pumpkin somewhere in my bedroom.. πŸ˜€ ). But Christmas? November just started and I’m already looking for decorations. Sooo exciteeed. xx ❀

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  4. Hi Shannon! I was recently told that I have to go gluten-free, and I was wondering if you could write a post sharing your favourite gluten-free recipes with us. I think that would be really cool! It’s alright if you can’t, though! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love that! I’m not sure I have too many I’ve made myself, but I know a lot of great brands to start out with (: I’ll dive into my photos and see which meals I think are best. It’s a busy weekend for me, but I’ll try to post it up within the coming week. Thanks so much for reaching out xoxo

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