Streetwear c0uple


It’s been a busy week again! Thought I’d satisfy you guys with a quick photo post while I work on editing the pictures from our first wedding together that we attended this past weekend (:

I believe this was a few days before Halloween that Justin and I went out & about to run some quick errands and looked fly AF while doing so ^ I opted for berry shades and he kept it simple with toned down/faded out hues…

We took hella car selfies as usual ^ and yes, I changed my outfit cause I felt like we didn’t match style-wise and I wanted the same street vibe he had going on! So I took a few items from his closet like the PDP merch and his birthday gifted DADDY hat (:

My man’s outfit was so trendy though with his brand new YZY Calabasas hat, Champion pullover, and of course the classic turtledove V1s (both of our shoes can be found online at Godsey Supply where you can use my coupon code “kittyp0p” for 10% off your first purchase)

We played around a bit in World Market where I picked up gifts for Kaila and last minute prep stuff for our Halloween party (these pics are so old omg) ^

We also took some hilariously goofy photos after going to the bank to take out *partial* rent money. Then we stopped at Red Lobster for a quick dinner- I had been craving crab for like a week at that point. After our meal, we went to Target to get groceries. I feel like every time I post on here it’s pics of us going to Target for groceries…we must really know how to tear through some food!

Here’s a quick photo of the noodle kitty on my car ^ so cute!

Sorry for being such a blog-slacker this month, but I’ll catch back up. Stay tuned for a wedding/reception attendance post coming soon!

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      1. Nice πŸ™‹πŸ» it’s such a lovely product! I have the set of crayola-inspired Mimi’s and just recently got the shade “graped up” for my birthday πŸ‘πŸΌ

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