Alm0st a teen


Last Tuesday (the last day of our mini-vacation) was Justin’s brother Jacob’s 12th birthday ^ yes, I switched the candles and told him we’re all 21 now. I also said I’d be buying him a drink that night at dinner & he found it very funny. It was super nice to go back to Justin’s parents’ house and see them and their doggos!

The first sweet baby we got to see was the family bunny: Oreo ^ she’s so big and very friendly as usual! They have a really nice pen for her (a chicken coop) and the dogs love to come up & sniff her!

*heart eyes* China looks as chunky and cute as ever & Cuba has gotten HUGE! I can quote Justin by saying “she’s turning into the perfect pug.” That lil tongue still sticks out constantly, but she’s a teeny tiny bit calmer. China didn’t wanna come out of her cage cause she was a chilly pup…

Snuck up on babe wiping his handsome face and also got a better picture of Jacob’s cookie cake ^ he was laughing at how badly the icing writing was! Had to take a mirror selfie cause it’s my favorite part of the living room (:

We all went outside for a bit while we waited for the parentals to arrive. Cuba went over into the neighbors yard and followed them as they walked their dogs…she still doesn’t listen and we kinda just had to wait for her after multiple times trying to call her back to the house haha China didn’t wanna do anything cause she was too cold (looking for a sweater for her for Christmas, don’t tell). Justin & Jacob played a game of basketball before we all headed inside again…

Once everyone was at the house, we got in our vehicles and were on our way to DINNER ^ at what’s now a tradition: Kabuto’s Japanese steakhouse! I got a Mai Tai that was super fruity & delicious (: which went very well with my meal of filet mignon and scallops. The guy accidentally got my order wrong, so I got extra shrimp (win). I traded my soup to Jacob for his salad cause I love the ginger dressing. Justin got his classic whiskey sour which was closer to the one he had at Boathouse which is way better than the green sour mix we tried at home and were served at the wedding. Dinner was crazy filling as they usual are, but then it was time to open gifts! Justin and I got him a really cool glow-in-the-dark Chuthulu coin bank, an Articuno PokΓ©mon card box, a Scorpion Funko Pop figure, and some PlayStation cards. He loved all of it and I think he had a great time for his 12th birthday!

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  1. Hi! I’m Giana. My blog name is gianashow. I’m new here. Anyhow, I love your bunny and pug! They are sooooooooo cute! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.
    BTW-Can you read my blog post and comment? Maybe Jacob can too! Thanks!

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