25 m0nths & c0unting


Justin and I had a day off together to celebrate 2 years and 1 month this past Tuesday. We try to get the 21st off each month if possible! Since the holidays are upon us, we had a bunch of errands to do instead of celebrating in a more extreme fashion? Lol

I was excited to spend an entire day with my special man that I got into one of my favorite comfy outfits ^ couldn’t decide on one selfie cause my hair & makeup came out pretty well (if I do say so myself).

I couldn’t choose a filter either ^ oh well lol

Justin was looking FLY in his mainly Calabasas (almost all YZY) outfit ^ he really rocks the unique “faded highlighter” yellow color and we sorta matched our shoes with the stripe pattern in each version. As for my outfit- I mentioned it’s one of my faves and that’s for two reasons. First: the shirt is fabulous cause it fits amazingly well and the neckline cut is wonderful. I told my man, I’ll be very sad the day I eventually grow out of it. The second: my Chaps vest that was a Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago! She surprised me with it after I tried it on once at Kohl’s and fell in love with it. I also donned my new fanny pack to keep the whole ensemble CHILL (:

*peep the cute kitty outside our place

The first of our run-around errands was of course laundry. We went to the laundromat cause we had quite a ton piled up from the past month while we had been so busy, and it’s a little cheaper and MUCH cleaner than the facilities at our apartment complex (unfortunately). Also, they have huge dryers that we ended up putting all our stuff in at once: time saver! After that, we were back on the road to the next item on our to-do list…

We went to the bank so I could apply for a new credit card (just in time for Christmas shopping?) and close my old accounts. We were really hungry after, so decided to have lunch at Panera bread! We hadn’t been in a while and it was a lovely meal. I got a salad and soup combo while Justin got a sandwich and bread bowl (: so yummy with a green smoothie…

We swung over to the salon for my month-overdue haircut, but they had a bit of a wait. Luckily, they have a LensCrafters store next door, so we weren’t bored ^ my favorite frames were these Tiffany ones. Hopefully I can find something similar in a less expensive brand lol but they’re a very nice pair for sure! After my haircut, we ran by Target (when do we not?) to grab some special steaks for dinner. They were pinwheels with spinach and garlic herb butter in the middle. These weren’t exactly the best cuts of meat we’d ever had, but I think we spoiled ourselves this year. Our anniversary entree went extremely well with the red sangria babe had picked up from his work- look for it in my favorites this month! Another day off passed by so quickly…

Thanksgiving celebrations posts are in the making, so stay tuned for more furry friends and delicious food photos coming soon (:

23 thoughts on “25 m0nths & c0unting

  1. That lipstick is amazing! What is it? Also, I’ve seen pairs like that at EyeBuyDirect, I’ve ordered glasses from them before and they are so inexpensive but really good quality. You can get a discount if you sign up for emails too 🙂

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  2. Was just chatting with a girl from your country. She thanked me for a good chat. I had to say no no no you must have just got here… you see all the hipsters around here hate me and they cut me off if I say anything.
    Enjoy yourself in Australia for summer love I said. Hit the booze with them and carry on as they do. In a few weeks you may even be able to be rude to me too or invent a story or two… and you will forget all about having spoken with someone who demonstrates his sermon rather shouting it out of tune and rhythm. You guys sent most of us over here for a reason and it wasn’t to rewrite William Blake in abridged illustrations to put on wine labels 😇


  3. Awww happy 2 years and then some anniversary for you guys! You’re both adorable ☺️ I like your vest, I never really got into them before, but they seem to be trending so I may have to look into getting a vest haha

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