N0vember fav0rites


I had these all prepared ahead of time so I wouldn’t be scrambling it all together at the last second, but totally forgot to post it earlier today while I was doing absolutely nothing else. Oh well- it’s still November for a few more hours where I am, so here’s what I loved this month…

As far as health/beauty goes, I was super happy to finally get new wax for my new wax warmer that I got last Christmas (thought I could put the old wax in the new warmer, but the older warmer was too damaged for me to get the tub out of it). It’s so clean and not sticky/messy all over from when it spilled over years ago. Secondly, the clay mask my friend Shannon got me has been VERY NICE to my face- even though when it dries it makes the skin pull a bit which can be itchy. The smell is lovely and my skin feels extremely smooth & fresh after a good rinse. Thirdly, having my hair straight again was a lot of fun ^ and of course makes me even more excited about how long it’s getting! I also decided to try a vitamin regimen since I’ve been having some nerve & joint pain recently. I brought in a B and D vitamin to take daily, so I’ll let you all know if they’re helping when I’ve been taking them long enough to actually tell haha lastly for this section: just doing my makeup in general. It feels great to get out of my lazy-work-rut of not wearing any makeup and not using any hair product to doll myself up and feel FINE (:

Next lil category I’ll call “food & drink” cause it’s just that ^ all the yummy meals we’ve made this month or eaten away at restaurants have been spectacular. From chicken and veggies on a bed of spaghetti noodles to 2 kinds of baked fish in lemon marinade. Not to mention the red & white sangrias that Justin brought home from his work ended up both being delicious! One of the most relaxing nights I’ve had recently was lounging on the couch with a glass of the red Lolea and getting a massage with the Comfort lotion (from Kaila)…

Media section will be a bit split cause I wanted to showcase my artwork from one of my new favorite apps: R4VE ^ enjoy (:

Babe got Fallout 4 again and I made the characters on my profile look like him & I as much as I could. What do you think?

He also purchased a tiny, sweet nativity scene for us to display on our entertainment center ^ how adorable is the pancake baby Jesus??

Last snapshots for this month are the people & animals! I always have the time of my life with my handsome man, doing anything and everything with him is insanely special to me. What else is fighting off the autumn-winter blues for me? All the cute fluffers ^ from China and Cuba at Justin’s parents’ place to Macy at mom’s and Oscar back home. They’re all so precious and always make me smile…

What’ve you all loved this month? Who’s already done with their Christmas shopping? Who hasn’t even begun? Haha I’m guilty of the latter as I JUST got my new credit card- time to start online buying!

21 thoughts on “N0vember fav0rites

  1. Omg all that food looks amazing! I’m so jealous right now. I bought that same face mask for someone as a Christmas gift. lol I do want to try that one myself too at some point. I have some of their other face masks.

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