Gluten feast


First things first- an update! I had my follow-up appointment at the GI last week and it was all good news…or at least no bad news. The doctor informed me that all my biopsies came back normal/healthy. They still don’t know what causes my attacks: stress, gluten, quinoa, etc. but it isn’t the hiatal hernia. The hernia might be irritated by whatever kind of weird mutant heartburn I have, causing it to feel worse. Not to mention, I might have more sensitive pain receptors in my stomach area. None of it sounds inherently good, but my biggest takeaway was when he told me that the attacks I’ve had haven’t done any damage to my insides. This gave me much relief. I would’ve been very worried if he said the opposite- causing me to relentlessly search out EXACTLY what the cause is and put it to a complete stop.

Anyways, my appointment was at 4 and we weren’t seen til after 5 (even though we arrived well before 4 o’clock). His talk took maybe 15 minutes total, and when we left they were closed and everyone was gone. Justin and I were both starving and I was feeling invincible…so we decided dinner out was a great way to celebrate finally having some answers!

Red Lobster was our restaurant of choice as Justin was craving seafood and said he’d treat me to drinks ^ he looks so handsome in his new turtleneck sweater! He ordered an Old Fashioned & I had a frozen mango daiquiri and then a strawberry margarita…

We chose mussels for our appetizer and they were delicious, even better with the famous cheddar bay biscuits. Yes- I had gluten and didn’t have an attack! All the food we got was spectacular, but we couldn’t finish it all so we got doggie bags on our way out (it was great the next day). It was late then, but we swung by my dad’s house real quick to grab an item for my Depop customer before heading home…

By this time, I’d had two rather large drinks and my eyes look f*CKED in pictures haha but I was still super psyched to see my package had arrived early! Justin got me the best early Christmas gift that I’ll be showing off more in a later post cause I took all the selfies in it (:

Hope you enjoyed this short & sweet update. Happy December and almost Christmas to everyone xoxo

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