Winter w0nderland


Back again with some Christmas cheer! Justin and I finally got a tree for our apartment & it fits perfectly in our window seat. Take a look:

Before we get to the decor, check out our hats! Justin magically found the beanie Idubbbz had on in a few of his videos and ordered one for each of us ^ they’re super cute and perfect for the snowy days ahead…

Oh and idk if I mentioned we finally got a coffee table ^ Justin made sure to get us the most aesthetically pleasing coffee table book. A bunch of gifts I ordered for people came in the mail, so it was time to start wrapping!

There she is! We got the last one, it was actually the display model in Target & they let us take it right on out. I picked out some window clings to put up soon, and also grabbed a few boxes of ornaments. I didn’t realize they didn’t come “pre-assembled” so I took about an hour aside to tie on all the strings. Then when Justin got home from work, we hung them all in one night…

We also got our first snow of the season here in Richmond ^ it came down all day and added up to about 6 inches total. I don’t mind it covering the ground and trees and whatnot, as long as the roads stay clear for me to get to work!

Hope everyone who has got snow is staying safe and warm. I’ll be working my butt off and continuing to prepare gifts these last few weeks before the big day (:

20 thoughts on “Winter w0nderland

  1. The tree is so pretty! We got about 3-5 inches where I’m at in snow, I’m ready for it to all go away already 😂 this girl is ready for summer again. Hope your having fun this holiday season, you guys are adorable, as always ☺️

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