Brunch f0r mama


My mom had a birthday on the 10th of this month- happy happy to her! This is what we did to celebrate…

Justin and I had the day off, but mom requested a girls only event for her special day. Justin dropped me off at her place, said his hello to her before heading to Panera to grab himself breakfast (and a little something for my dad). He then went back to the house to spend the morning with my dad!

While I waited for my sisters to arrive, I risked the sniffly nose and itchy eyes to give Macy all the cuddles ^ she’s such a sweetheart and basked in the attention (:

Once my sisters got there, we all started making breakfast for mom. I brought eggs & avocados and went ahead making the omelettes for everyone. Chelsea toasted up some English muffins & Samantha brought a fruit salad. It was all very yummy (: after we had finished eating, it was time for gifts. Samantha’s present for mom was still coming in the mail, Chelsea got her a decorative Christmas-y truck from Target and a pair of fluffy polar bear socks, and I got her Kenra heat-protectant spray & calming body lotion. She loved it all and seemed really happy with her time with us!

Justin picked me up from mom’s once we had all said our goodbyes and took me back to the house where we helped dad decorate the tree he got…the same one we have from TARGET! Too funny, but it’s a great tree so I totally understand. He had taken a bunch of bins down from the loft full of Christmas decorations. It was super fun to see all the old ornaments and hang as many as we could on the smaller-than-normal sized tree. Afterwards, I grabbed a soup from Panera for the road (: selfies in the car too ^

I didn’t take a ton of photos cause I didn’t wanna have my phone out the whole time we were hanging out with mom and the same with dad, but more pictures coming in posts that are “in the making” at the moment. Stay tuned and stay safe this holiday season!

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