Bella biscuit


The other day I was feeling pretty awful stomach-wise, so instead of eating leftover Chinese food- I opted for making something I’d picked up at Wegmans a while ago. It’s by some brand I’ve never heard of called Bella which had a line of gluten-free foods in cups. I chose the flaky biscuit and multigrain dinner roll (which I’ll make another time). I thought I’d take some pictures of the steps along the way making this:

I first bought this thinking it was more of a mix together in-cup and microwave kind of thing, but it’s just the mix IN the cup that you use with other ingredients to make biscuits in the oven instead. I set the oven and went to gather the other things I needed…

It was all still very easy, but one thing I was supposed to do differently was cut the biscuits out with a round cookie cutter. I kind of just dolloped them on and tried to round them out while flattening them a bit before throwing the tray in the oven…

There they are ^ surprisingly, they were fully cooked all the way through before browning too much on the outside/top. Next, I had to figure out what I wanted to make with these…

Biscuits and GRAVY was the obvious best choice, especially since it’s comfort food and the season for gravy ^ I put two and a half biscuits into one of the giant mugs that Justin got for us and heated up some gravy to drizzle over them. It was delicious!

I’m very impressed by this mix as it was fun to make and super yummy. I’m looking forward to making the dinner roll soon, but first, I’ve got to finish the batch of biscuits I made- another plus is how many it makes!

Hope you all enjoyed this short & simple walk through of my snack making. I’ve got more goodies on the way as December and this year as a whole finish wrapping up (:

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