December fav0rites


This month’s favorites may seem a bit short of the usual list, but most of the stuff I left out is things I’ve shown already or what I received for Christmas. Anyways- here’s what I’ve been loving in December:

The holidays were a fave of course! I love getting gifts for people, finding stuff that’s unique that I know they’ll enjoy is a lot of fun for me. Wrapping it all and making the apartment more Christmas-y was a joy as well (:

In fashion/beauty: my SHEEP hoodie obviously (made an entire post for it), NEET smiley beanie, the peacock mascara from Covergirl that I received from Influenster for free, a Colourpop lippie stix in the perrrrrrfect shade! Plus the holiday Snapchat filters (: very cute and even better with my handsome man ^

In entertainment/games: The Sims 4 for the PS4 has been a ton of fun this month! I made Justin & I and a gorgeous home for us ^ still enjoying the R4VE editing app, but got a bit discouraged when I updated it and lost all my projects (not to mention half of the stickers I had made). PSA* if you have the app, please don’t update it! We also got our Pokémon on quite a bit this month. We’ve been playing PokémonGO more with the release of gen3 and got a ton of cards before and for Christmas…

Lastly, food made at home this month ^ the first was a homemade lentil soup, then baked chicken with gravy and rice, and lastly my FAVE lean cuisine that’s turkey + green beans + dried cranberries! Very delicious all in all (:

Bonus* my favorite treat of December was definitely the green tea Kit Kats babe brought home for us from his work. If you haven’t tried them, I recommend tracking them down right now- super yummy!

More goodies coming super soon as I finish gathering photos for my Christmas posts. Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year!

19 thoughts on “December fav0rites

    1. Thank you! I used to love playing it on the computer when I was younger, so seeing it on the console is strange but really cool (: appreciate your comment and happy New Year xoxo


      1. Yeah, I would actually love to try it out on console, that would be fun but something to get used to I think.

        And happy new year to you too!! I hope you enjoyed 2017.☺

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  1. The Sheep hoodie is just so amazing and yes, I also enjoyed new snapchat filters, they are so cute! But my favourite is still the autumn one with the huge round glasses 😀 Happy New Year! 🙂

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