Kimchi Christmas


My Christmas post is here! Everything is a bit delayed (as usual), but the holidays are a wild time- aren’t they? We traveled all over the two days leading up to the big day and also on Christmas itself. Come along…

First off, a little bonus in the beginning ^ for our 26-month anniversary on the 21st, my handsome man cooked up some delicious steaks for us! He’s a dream…

Destination #1 was my Aunt Tracy and Uncle Billy’s house for a Korean dinner on Saturday the 23rd ^ Justin dressed in all red, including the new Sriracha shirt I let him open early for the occasion. I wore all green to “match” him and I think we looked quite festive as casual as it may have been.

We arrived shortly before my dad and sisters at around 3 o’clock, and we ended up staying til 8ish cause it was a lot of fun talking with everybody. Everyone loved Justin’s shirt and Justin loved the puppies (Gia and Oliver)- so much so he wanted to take them home! The food was incredible as it always is when it’s homemade. Forgive me for not remembering the names of the different dishes, but each one was more yummy than the last and I was stuffed at the end of it all. We chilled for a few more hours just talking to my family members: Justin and my cousin Daniel talked about Bitcoin, Dad and his sister and I talked about skydiving, and the two youngest little girls there chased each other around the whole time. It was a ton of fun and we didn’t want to leave really, but it was getting late and we knew there was much more to do tomorrow!

That night we came home to a Christmas card from my friend Kaila! It was so adorable that I decided to display it on our mantle ^ also took a few shots of our tree with all the gifts underneath since they’d all be opened soon (:

Christmas Eve lunch with mama was next on our journey ^ we arrived a tad late due to traffic, but got there not too long after my sisters and sister’s fiancΓ©. Mom made us all a wonderful spread of pasta (even gluten-free for me), alfredo sauce, Texas toast, and homemade crab cakes with a sauce she made herself! I was feeling very sick to my stomach that day, so I only ate some noodles and cucumbers from the salad. After eating, we all opened gifts (which will be collectively in a separate post). Mom was so happy to get the blanket wrap she asked for! Justin and I received a lot of stuff we really needed, including new pans for cooking, a set of mats for our bathroom, and a makeup organizer for my desk. Last item on the agenda was getting a few group photos ^ including some silly ones with Zach’s head out of frame and another with fun poses (: Chelsea had brought her lil doggo over to play with Macy. They were very good the whole time and loved all the attention haha but at around 3ish, everyone started heading out. We said our goodbyes and were on our way!

I didn’t take any photos at Justin’s family’s Christmas Eve dinner gathering because I was feeling even more sick at that point. It was still a very enjoyable time, but I was sorry I couldn’t eat any of the awesome food they’d all made 😦

Christmas Day was split into four parts really: early morning at our apartment, breakfast time at dad’s, lunch time at Justin’s parents’ house, and the evening with Justin’s nana. It all went pretty well I think…

Justin and I opened the remaining gifts we had under the tree for each other, then got ourselves ready and headed to Fredericksburg. My dad and sisters had a lovely meal set out when we got there. I was feeling somewhat better and managed to eat some scrambled eggs and the cinnamon bun of tradition! We all gathered on the big couch to open gifts next and I was blown away by everyone’s generosity as there were a ton. My sisters really liked their gifts- Samantha got the cardigan she asked for and I picked out some Harley Quinn stuff for Chelsea (a hat and a decal). Dad was happy with his earmuffs and Longhorn Steakhouse gift card too. Justin received a savings bond from Dad, but unfortunately these days, everything is online so he didn’t get any physical copy. He also got a “wreck this journal” type book and a gluten-free cookbook! I got the lighted mirror I wanted, some microLED string lights, smelly stuff like candles and lotions, plus lots of socks. I got to pet my sweet kitty Oscar before we left for Justin’s parents’ house, so I’d say it was a success (:

I didn’t get too many photos at the house cause we really just chilled out most of the time. We opened some crazy gifts from his parents like a brand new vacuum and a set of lovely bath towels. It’s nice to be an adult and get practical gifts like things you actually need haha but we still got some fun stuff like matching sweatpants that had a “denim jeans” pattern! Once we managed to get all his family in their truck, we took our caravan over to his Nana’s house. She’s so sweet and always goes above and beyond with the holidays. I love the way her house is decorated during Christmas and the tree is just incredible ^ Justin and I both got her a card and I think she really liked them. There were all kinds of snacks and platters set up in the kitchen, but I wasn’t feeling super hungry at that point. After everyone finished eating and we had done a bunch of talking/reminiscing on the past year, it was time to open gifts. She got us a bunch of pajamas, emergency kits for our cars, puffer coats, carry-on bags for traveling, a bottle of champagne for New Years, and gift cards to places we like to eat at. Justin also got a tool kit for his car and I got the Nutri-blender! I was blown away that she got that for us (:

Overall, it was a spectacular holiday season and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people I have in my life and all their good graces. I’m still not feeling 100% back to my healthiest self, but I’m taking the medicine I need and eating as much as I can of the foods that will heal me. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years too. I will be posting another post of mine and Justin’s gifts coming up if you’re interested in seeing what we gave each other (: also, even though we spent our New Years Eve at home, I do have quite a few photos to share of that evening too!

18 thoughts on “Kimchi Christmas

  1. The food looks delicious! I was going to cook a huge Korean feast for my boyfriend for Christmas (he’s Korean and came to Canada last year in February) but I am a horrible planner so it never happened haha. I want dumplings now after seeing your photos!

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  2. That Korean dinner looks so good! I love that Justin is wearing a sriracha shirt. I remember you said he likes spicy food, just like I do.

    I’m glad you had a great Christmas. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not really into asian food and I feel like I’m the only one on this planet. πŸ˜€ Maybe if I would taste something good, it would change my mind a bit. This looked yummy, though! πŸ™‚ Get well soon, I can’t wait for the New Year’s photos πŸ™‚

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  4. Wow, the pictures are just so festive and lovely! The food looks delicious and the Christmas tree is just so pretty!πŸ’• p.s – you guys are such an adorable couple, so cute! You look beautiful as always hun πŸ’ xx

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