Christmas haul


The time has come to share with you guys what I received for Christmas- in all the photo glory! I tried to separate them into little categories just so this post isn’t too chaotic (:

First, I’ll share what I got for Justin ^ the sriracha shirt, two different sizes of a Missingno PokΓ©mon plush (6″ and 12″), a bitcoin shirt, the new version of the Black Mirror game for PS4, and his favorite gift- the sad boys hoodie!

For the doggos ^ I got China a sweet little cable knit sweater so she isn’t too cold to go outside and do her business! We picked up a treat for Cuba that she just held in her mouth for about an hour while walking around the house haha so cute (: the two of them had a lovely Christmas

The beauty portion of my gifts included the Tarte lippie lingerie holiday set (which I treated myself to and I adore them), microLED string lights, a light up mirror that has a magnified side too, and a desktop makeup organizer that’s three little drawers! I redid my desk set up too ^ what do you think?

I didn’t really get “clothes” for Christmas, but here’s my section for all things related: a set of mermaid Pusheen socks, 3 sets of pajamas (from Justin’s nana), my purple ultraboost that are crazy comfy for work, 2 pairs of Marzia’s Limone socks for Justin and I to wear together, an L.L.Bean winter coat and boots…but the best gift was the beautiful return to Tiffany necklace that Justin hid in our Christmas tree for me (:

We got a lot of things for our home collectively, here’s what I managed to get photos of: our adorable “first Christmas in our new home” ornament, my new LV cardholder, pink quartz Ideal of Sweden phone case, Marzia’s plush Maya & Edgar and big blanket from her home collection, purple bath mats, a carry-on travel bag, blue towel set, and the Gluten-Free Bible πŸ™πŸΌ which we’re very excited to start using!

Last but not least, my Kumamon gifts! Justin found a coin bank that takes the coin when you place it on top *adorable* and a big plushie of the silly bear. I love them both and now Derby has a brother haha

Safe to say this was a fantastic holiday season- we got a lot of things we really needed and some fun stuff as always! What was your favorite gift you received this Christmas? What was your favorite gift you GAVE? Let me know in the comments (:

31 thoughts on “Christmas haul

  1. You got some great things! Those Tarte lippies look awesome, and the Pusheen socks are just adorable! I got a pair of pajamas for Christmas that came with a pair of socks also They look just like the socks that came with your pajamas (except mine are a different color). I’m wearing them now, and they are so comfy!

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  2. So much cool stuff! My eye was immediately drawn to those Pusheen socks! Also, I can see why you would treat yourself with those Tarte lippies, they look amazing πŸ˜€
    The Maya and Edgar plushies are just adorable too πŸ™‚

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    1. My sister got the socks for me and it might sound strange to say- but they’re the perfect length/height? Idk haha I just love them! A girl’s gotta treat herself (especially when that girl has a coupon). The plushies are perfect to throw on the bed or couch (: thanks so much for such a nice comment xoxo

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    1. Haha yes, the pug stays at my boyfriend’s parents’ house though- I’m excited for the day when we’ll be ready for a doggo of our own (: thanks for commenting xoxo


  3. Omg….these are some really cute and useful things! I really loved your tarte lippie set and that night suit with socks! 😍😍😍😍

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  4. Your dogs are so cute!!!!! And those tarte lippies are really pretty on you! This post makes my heart so warm! I’ve missed reading your posts! 😚😊

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  5. The LL Bean Boots are so cute! And so are Maya and Edgar! How sweet that Justin hid the necklace in the tree for you. πŸ’– You got so many wonderful things!

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  6. You got some really lovely gifts! I really loved giving my sister a series of books called The Stone Braide Chronicles simply because she loved it so much! One of my favourite gifts was an album I received from my younger brother by one of my favourite artists called ‘Lecrae’!

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